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Perkie's Observations: Alexis Offers to Help Kiki on General Hospital

Nancy Lee Grahn

Nancy Lee Grahn

Carly wants to know how long she'll be at Shadybrook. Diane says she needs to remain calm in court, unlike how she reacted to Nelle yesterday. Diane doesn't want Carly to overplay her hand and be deemed a danger to society.

Michael and Nelle are thrilled when Kim gives them a clean bill of health. Nelle tells Michael she's been subpoenaed to testify against Carly. Nelle also mentions how Sonny asked her to lie on the stand. Nelle insists Carly pushed her and she'll tell the truth, which is best for her family. After she leaves, Michael calls Spinelli to put their plan into motion.

Nina stops by Alexis' to ask her to represent her in her divorce. Alexis says it's a conflict of interest because she's Valentin's sister. Nina then asks for legal advice about whether she can be held accountable for a crime if she didn't partake in it. Assuming it's about Valentin, Alexis tells her she's in the clear.

Anna worries about how Robin will react to her news, but Finn reassures her. Robin arrives and is thrilled to see her mother and Finn together. Finn leaves them alone to talk. Anna tells Robin about Peter, which is hard for Robin to digest.

Robin doesn't understand why her mother never said anything, even all these years later. Anna swears she's the same person, but Robin disagrees. Robin needs time to soak it all in and leaves.

Julian stops by to see Kim. He wants to apologize for ditching her at the ball to run after Alexis. Kim admits her feelings were hurt and asks if they're back together. Julian says he now realizes he and Alexis are not good for each other, and hopes he didn't screw things up with Kim. Julian says he has feelings for Kim and she agrees to a second chance. The two share a kiss.

Liz asks if Kiki wants her to tell Franco about the harassment. Kiki doesn't want Franco involved. She makes a comment about David, just as he walks up. David says he was called in to talk to HR, but things have been handled.

Kiki brings up the evaluation, but David said he already submitted it, and it was glowing. He's certain this mess will be behind them soon.

Liesl tells Peter she wants him to confess, but he says he'd rather die than go to prison. Liesl says she's not planning on killing him, but won't stop herself from hurting him a little. Nina walks in as Liesl appears ready to cut off Peter's finger.

Nina says she won't let Liesl hurt him because legally she's in the clear if she doesn't help. Liesl points to the groceries Nina brought, and says it would be considered aiding and abetting.

Finn hangs out in a coffee shop, waiting for Anna and Robin to finish their talk. His father walks in, explaining he now works at Berkeley. Dad says he misses Finn and wants to reconnect, but Finn doesn't want anything to do with his father.

Kiki stops by to see Alexis to ask her about David's behavior when they were dating. She admits that he's sexually harassing her and is taking him to court. She wants to give Alexis a head's up since they once dated.

Alexis asks if Kiki has proof, like a recording, but Kiki says she doesn't. Kiki mentions she was awarded the shadow program, which TJ was better qualified for. Alexis thinks they need to find another victim and tells Kiki that she'll be her lawyer.