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Perkie's Observations: Jason Pushes Hard for Carly on General Hospital


Sam needs Alexis' help with her divorce. She wants to leave her share of Aurora Media to Drew. Alexis mentions Aurora was purchased with Jason's money and Jason may not want Drew to have it. Sam says she wants a clean break.

Alexis tells Sam about her kiss with Julian and how she's seeing Kevin to break the pattern of bad men. Alexis says she's trying to find out more information about her father. Valentin arrives, which angers Sam.

Kim stops by to see Drew and spots the DNR on his desk. She loses it on him, but Drew says he's changed his mind and won't be doing the procedure. Drew explains he won't be risking his life because he's thinking of his family.

Jason tells Diane he hasn't found the proof to exonerate Carly, but wants more time. Diane says the trial starts tomorrow and she needs his help to prove Carly was behaving irrationally.

Dante and Lulu have the same argument they've had twice before. He doesn't like her career and her keeping secrets. She counters with the same argument about him. They decide to try and include each other when they can, and kiss and make up. (Not sure what the point of the whole thing was.)

Felix and Stella are at the Rib discussing Mike's care. Curtis and Jordan arrive and join them. Jordan knows her relationship with Stella needs to be repaired. Stella feels things will work out as they should (which is code for, you ain't marrying my nephew anytime soon).

Sam tells Alexis about Valentin's past with Peter and how Peter is Anna's son. She explains Valentin gave Peter to Faison as a baby. Valentin doesn't deny the charges, but tells Alexis there is more information about Mikkos if she wants it. Later, Alexis tosses the letter in the fireplace.

Jason says he plans on casting doubt on Nelle's version of the story. Diane thinks it will only bolster Carly's motive for pushing Nelle. Jason admits he told Carly not to plead guilty, which angers Diane.

Jason doesn't think Carly should admit to doing something she didn't do. Diane says insanity is the only thing she can prove and wants Jason to say so when she calls him to testify. Jason says he won't lie since Carly is not crazy.