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Perkie's Observations: Carly's Trial Starts on General Hospital

Laura Wright

Laura Wright

Ava worries about Griffin because he hasn't been himself lately. He claims he's just worried about testifying at Carly's trial, but he's thinking about his  night with Kiki. Kiki shows up and Ava tells her about the visit from Dr. Bensch.

The trial against Carly begins....

Josslyn's upset she has to testify against her mother. Bobbie reassures her and tells her to simply answer the questions that are asked.

DA Dawson's opening statements say Carly didn't have a break from reality and she'll prove that Carly pushed Nelle deliberately. Diane's opening statements lays it on thick that Carly suffered the loss of a child and has a broken psyche.

DA Dawson calls Bobbie, Josslyn, Michael, Ava, Dante, and Nelle to the stand. Bobbie testifies that Nelle took advantage of Carly's grief to prey on Sonny and would do anything to protect her family.

Joss testifies that she and Nelle are friends and she's looking forward to being an aunt. Joss explains how Carly got upset about the mobile that upset Nelle. She says she sent her mother to apologize to Nelle. Joss is in tears. Carly gets angry and Diane is forced to calm her down.

Ava lays it on thick that Carly went mental over the mobile and refused to make amends to Nelle. Ava feels this is same old, same old with Carly. When asked about the blanket, Ava claims she hasn't seen one.

Michael testifies that he and Nelle are no longer together, but they will be coparenting. He admits that Carly doesn't trust Nelle.

Dante testifies he didn't see a blanket. He's also forced to admit he once heard Carly say she wanted Nelle's head on a silver platter.

Nelle explains she saved Joss' life with her kidney, and admits she wanted to hurt Carly when she came to town. Nelle says she's happiest with Michael, but Carly kept trying to break them up and get rid of her. Nelle claims she has nightmares of falling.

Elsewhere, Kiki tells Liz that David was cleared of any wrongdoing. Liz thinks Kiki should tell Ava and Franco to get their support. Kiki doesn't want to involve them in her battle.

Kiki meets with Lulu and tells her about the harassment. She wants Lulu to write a story on Dr. Bensch to expose him. Lulu tells her with the hospital's dismissal of the case and lack of  physical proof, the newspaper could be sued for libel.

Lulu offers to write the story from Kiki's perspective without David's name. Kiki decides to do it if it means someone else might come forward.

Franco still wants Liz's family at the wedding, but Liz doesn't like the idea. Franco pushes and Liz counters he should invite Betsy. Liz says she's stopped waiting for her family to show up for her. Franco says he wants to give them a chance to say yes. Liz says she'll think about it. Later, Franco calls Audrey to get Sarah's number.

DA Dawson rests her case and Diane prepares to start hers.