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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Nikki Gets Blackmailed By Sharon!

Melody Thomas Scott, Sharon Case

Melody Thomas Scott, Sharon Case

Sharon/Nick/Nikki: The murder of J.T. (Thad Luckinbill) is used as a weapon in the fight for little Christian. Sharon (Sharon Case) is desperate for Nick (Joshua Morrow) to keep the little tyke and is hoping they are able to move to San Diego once the trial ends. Sharon heads to Newman Enterprises and tries to get Victor to work to a solution that will not tear the family apart. 

Later, Sharon tries to convince Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) to speak with Victor about dropping the case, but Nikki doesn't want to pick a side. Sharon does the unthinkable and blackmails Nikki! The coffeehouse maven knows the only person who can get Victor (Eric Braeden) to back down from the custody battle is Nikki. She decides to use her role in J.T.'s murder as a bargaining chip.

A stunned Nikki flips the script on her former daughter-in-law. Nikki reminds Sharon she's just as ruthless as Victor can be and warns her they are in the SAME boat regarding J.T.'s death.

Meanwhile, Sharon tries to soothe Nick's fears over losing Christian by telling him she appealed to Nikki to get Victor to drop it. Nick is shocked and suspicious over the entire thing considering Nikki and Sharon's past. Sharon tells Nick she feels Nikki can get Victor to back down and even testify on his behalf. This is something Nick tried to get his mom to do, but struck out. At the hearing, Sharon starts to worry Nikki won't come through. According to Victor, Nikki didn't show up in court because of an MS flare-up. 

Will Sharon's plan work or cause a huge domino effect for everyone involved in J.T.'s murder?

Victoria: The corporate maverick (Amelia Heinle) feels the walls closing in on her.

Phyllis/Summer: Red's (Gina Tognoni) former Supergirl (Hunter King) is back home and not the naive girl she was once before. Phyllis gets tired of seeing Summer just lying around her crib and not trying to live her best life. This ends up in a mother-daughter fight. Will Summer get it together? 

Viewers will see what the heiress was up to while she was away from Genoa City. It may offer clues about her morph into Red, Jr. and her attitude change.

Nick: The Newman playboy comes to a huge conclusion.

Billy/Summer: The two keep a secret from Phyllis. Will it cause problems for Philly?

Brittany: The legal ace (Lauren Woodland) returns to Genoa City and wants to know more about J.T.