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Perkie's Observations: Finn Tells Anna About His Past on General Hospital

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Michael Easton, Finola Hughes

Michael Easton, Finola Hughes

At the courthouse, Diane calls Griffin, Kevin, Chase, Sonny, and Jason to the stand. Griffin testifies he tested Carly when she claimed to be hallucinating, but found nothing medically wrong with her.

Kevin testifies he saw her briefly and prescribed an anti-anxiety medication, which could have side effects.

Chase testifies about the break-in and how he found Carly at Morgan's grave. He claims she was agitated and emotional.

Sonny testifies that because he was busy dealing with Mike's illness, he didn't see what was happening with Carly. He claims he's worried about her.

Elsewhere, Jordan tells Curtis that Ned wants her head on a platter because of Peter's disappearance. Jordan refuses to lose her job over this. Curtis offers his PI services to help find Peter.

Alexis meets with Monica to discuss Kiki's lawsuit against David. Monica explains the board cleared David of any wrongdoing and says she can't overturn that decision. Monica offers to make sure that Kiki and David don't work together anymore.

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Finn checks on Anna, who's still upset about the conversation with Robin. She worries that her relationship with Robin is forever lost, though Finn tries to reassure her. Finn tells Anna about running into his father and explains their family history.

Finn says his father married another woman shortly after his mother died and Chase was born shortly after that. Finn acknowledges none of this is Chase's fault, but they're strangers.

Michael takes Nelle home after her testimony. When he thinks she's resting, he tries to log onto her laptop, but Nelle catches him. Michael makes up an excuse, which Nelle seems to buy.

Monica helps them put together a baby cradle and declares them all a happy family. Then, Drew arrives and is ready to take her up on her offer to move into the mansion. (Maybe it was just me, but Nelle did not look amused by the new houseguest.)

Alexis stops by to see Kevin. She tells him about the envelope of information that Valentin gave her about her father. Kevin says Mikkos has no control over her. Alexis opens the envelope and a watch falls out.

At the courthouse, Jason wants Carly to put a stop to all of this and fire Diane, which would force a mistrial. Diane says it would send Carly back to Pentonville until a new trial could be set.

Jason testifies about the phone calls and the scarf. He's forced to admit there's no evidence of anything.

DA Dawson asks if Jason believes Carly is insane.