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Perkie's Observations: Janelle Meets a Blast From Her Past on General Hospital

Josh Swickard

Josh Swickard

DA Dawson questions whether Jason believes Carly was insane when she assaulted Nelle. Jason says he can't answer that since he's not a psychiatrist.

The DA gives her closing statement. Carly knew what she was doing when she tried to kill Nelle and the baby, and needs to pay. Diane's contention is that Carly snapped because Nelle betrayed her trust, and she needs compassion and help.

Nelle claims she would do anything to spare Michael's family, but it's out of her hands. Michael says he hopes his mother gets the help she needs so she can be a good grandmother. After Nelle leaves, Michael calls Spinelli. Nelle interrupts them. (Seriously Michael, stop making/taking calls in the open where she can catch you.)

Finn and Anna decide to spend the night apart before heading back to the States. After awhile, they call each other and have the most boring conversation in the history of...ever. After they get bored with themselves, Finn shows up at her door and the two sleep together.

Nina finds Liesl torturing Peter and says she wants justice not vengeance. Liesl tells Nina to let her handle things, so Nina leaves. Peter tries to convince Liesl to let him go. He blames Nathan's death on Anna, saying she interfered which allowed Faison to get the jump on Nathan.

Peter wants to work with Liesl to make Anna pay. Liesl gets angry and throws the vase of flowers at the wall above his head. She tells Peter he'll confess, one way or another. She storms out. Peter finds a piece of glass he can use to cut his ropes.

Chase drops by Maxie's. He gives her a bag she left in his car when he drove her home. Maxie finds the necklace Peter gave her the night of the Nurse's Ball and angrily throws it in the garbage.

Chase retrieves it and says he can donate it to charity. He tells Maxie not to blame herself for trusting Peter. Chase feels Peter will get what he has coming. Nina shows up. Chase decides he'll find out where the necklace was bought and see if Peter used an alias. Chase promises that he'll find Peter.

Michael gets a text that the judge is coming back for a verdict, so he and Nelle head back to the courthouse.

The judge finds Carly not guilty by reason of insanity, which is what Diane wanted. Diane asks that Carly be sent to Shadybrook. The judge however, sentences Carly to Ferncliff until she's cleared by a psychiatric evaluation.

Carly begs Sonny to take care of Joss and for Jason to get her out. Sonny swears he'll deal with Nelle.

Once everyone is gone from the courtroom, Nelle talks aloud about how everything worked out the way she wanted. She turns and finds Chase standing there. He says it's been a long time since he and "Janelle" have seen each other.