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Perkie's Observations: Carly Must Learn to Play By the Rules on General Hospital


The article about Kiki's sexual harassment is released.

Ava demands to know if Griffin knew the truth. He says he just found out when he read the article, but he suspected something was wrong. Ava demands to know who it was, but Griffin says it's up to Kiki to tell her mother.

Franco gets angry when he sees the article and figures out the culprit is David. Franco attacks him in the locker room. David's ready to have Franco arrested when Liz breaks it up. Franco swears to Liz that David won't get away with it.

Nurse Mary Pat welcomes Carly to Ferncliff with a reminder she hasn't faced Morgan's death yet. Mary says Carly is in supermax until a room elsewhere opens up. She warns Carly that disrespect will not be tolerated and she must follow her rules.

Carly's ready to be nice until the nurse wants to give her medication. Carly claims she's not supposed to be on any medication, but Mary says they're antipsychotics. Carly pretends to take the medication, then spits it out. Mary forces Carly to take another one.

Curtis and Sam ask Nina's help in finding Peter. They want her to distract Valentin while they snoop around Wyndemere.

Sonny explains to Mike that Carly is stuck at Ferncliff. Jason feels it's worst than prison and Carly shouldn't be there. Jason says he has a plan to help Carly.

Valentin calls Alexis to come over. He gives her a rare recording that Kristina made for Mikkos. Alexis asks about the watch. Valentin says it's her mother's. He shows her a photo of Kristina wearing the watch.

Kiki runs into her mother, who's upset she wasn't told about what was happening. Ava wants the man's name. Kiki says she's going to court with Alexis and has it handled. Ava insists she wants to help Kiki, but Kiki says they see things differently.

Kiki says her mother sees and uses sex as a weapon. Ava says she's changed because Griffin made her a better person. Kiki's not interested. Ava goes crying to Griffin.

Nina meets with Valentin and tells him she wants a divorce. While she's keeping him distracted, Sam and Curtis check out Wyndemere for any clue of Peter's whereabouts. Valentin tells Nina he won't give her a divorce.

Liz gets a call from Sarah congratulating her on the upcoming wedding.

Jason interviews for a position as a custodian at Ferncliff. The person who interviews him is Mary (because apparently interviews aren't done by the HR department or the warden).