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Perkie's Observations: Sam Tries to Help Jason With Carly on General Hospital

Kelly Monaco

Kelly Monaco

Nelle is shocked to see Chase. He explains he's been living in PC since February. Chase relays the story for viewers' purposes he was the investigating officer in Nelle's fiancé's death. Chase, of course , ended up falling in love with Nelle and was reported for inappropriate behavior.

Chase feels Nelle planned the whole thing to dodge a murder charge. Nelle claims she never used him because she cared for him and could have loved him. Chase thinks she's setting herself up nicely now because she's having a baby with another rich man. Nelle accuses him of stalking her. Chase says he had to rebuild his career after she was done with him.

Spinelli's in town to help Michael. Spin gives him a device that will help him bypass Nelle's password and monitor her laptop activity in real time. Joss arrives and Michael tells her Carly has been sent to Ferncliff. Joss blames herself for sending Carly to Nelle's room the night of the fall. Michael reassures her that Carly will get through this.

Sam tells Jason she's going back to the PI business with Curtis. Jason tells her about Carly being sent to Ferncliff and explains about Carly's postpartum depression after Michael was born. Jason says Carly doesn't belong in Ferncliff this time since all of this is Nelle's doing. Jason blames himself for not catching onto Nelle from the beginning.

Liesl wants Nina's help in bringing Peter to justice. She says she can't be trusted alone with him. Liesl spots Peter trying to cut his ropes off and stops him by hitting his hand with a baseball bat.

Kim's heading out of town for a weekend with Julian and leaves Oscar with Drew. Drew takes Oscar home to the mansion.

Julian stops by the hospital to give Lucas some information about Cheryl's past and his own. He's still concerned about the birth mother's option to back out and thinks Lucas should run a check on her. Lucas says he needs to play by the rules.

Nina gets to the cabin in time to stop Liesl from doing more damage to Peter. Peter begs Nina to help him and says he doesn't deserve this. He's worried that Liesl will go too far.

Spinelli brings Georgie to see Maxie. Maxie complains that Peter made a fool out of her and he'll never pay for what he did. Spin tells her not to waste her energy on Peter and to focus on the good.

Nelle gets back to the mansion just after Michael manages to put the spyware on her laptop. She admits she ran into someone from her past at the courthouse. Meanwhile, back in his room, Chase is looking at an old picture of him and Nelle.

Jason says he needs to find proof of Nelle's guilt and cast doubt on her version of the story. He feels he needs to get Carly out sooner rather than later. Sam warns him not to check himself in like he did when Michael went to prison. Jason says he won't, but it gives him an idea.