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Perkie's Observations: Kevin Promises to Help Carly on General Hospital

Jon Lindstrom

Jon Lindstrom

Sam shows Curtis that Valentin has his own private plane. It was scheduled to fly out the night that Peter disappeared.

Valentin refuses to let Nina go without a fight. Nina says she's tired of the lies and the fighting. She says she doesn't blame Valentin for Nathan's death, but doesn't trust him anymore. Nina doesn't want to give him a second chance. Valentin says he wants 30 days to prove himself to her, and if she still wants the divorce, he'll give it to her.

Alexis shows Kevin the watch from her mother and says she doesn't have anything from her past. Alexis says she was happy to hear her mother singing, but the watch makes her uneasy. Alexis feels her mother's choices shaped her own life.

Kevin says he wants their next session to include one of the men in her life so they can figure out where she goes wrong. Alexis lists everyone who can't or won't make it, which leaves Julian.

Mary says the job isn't for everyone, but Jason assures her that he's fine with cleaning up messes. She takes him on a tour of the place, including Carly's wing. Carly thinks she hears Jason's voice and checks the door. Later, Mary offers Jason the job.

David confronts Kiki about the newspaper article. He questions whether she wants him to lose his job and cost him his career. Kiki tells him she needs to hold him accountable and is taking legal action. David claims this won't get to court and everything was all a big joke. Kiki says his advances were inappropriate. David tells her to grow up and now all the other male doctors won't want to work with her.

David says Kiki's allegations will kill her career before it starts. Griffin overhears and roughs up David. After David leaves, Kiki gets upset with Griffin. He says he should have seen the signs something was wrong and wonders why Kiki didn't come to him.

Kiki says Griffin is the last person she'd go to for help. Kiki wants Griffin to stay away from her because she can't lean on him. Later, David's looking at a photo of Griffin and Kiki hugging.

Franco admits he called Sarah and told her about the wedding. He questions why Liz didn't. Liz says Sarah is too busy and she's used to being ignored by her family. Liz asks Franco to let it go. Because Franco's a 12 year old boy in a murdering hobo's body, he calls Sarah to get their parents phone number.

Kevin checks in on Carly and is surprised at how spaced out she is. He questions her meds and promises to help her.

Valentin gets home to find Sam and Curtis waiting for him. Sam demands to know where Peter is, saying a flight was chartered the night he disappeared. Valentin says Peter took his phone and pretended to be him.

Valentin says the flight never left the ground, so Sam and Curtis figure Peter's still in town.