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Perkie's Observations: Mike Chats With Sonny About the Missing Body on General Hospital

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Max Gail, Maurice Benard

Max Gail, Maurice Benard

Kevin is surprised at Carly's condition. Carly says they have her on so many meds she can't think straight. Kevin offers to fix them and promises to be there for her.

Peter's running a fever because his hand is infected. Liesl continues to blame him for Nathan's death and thinks he deserves to die because of it. Nina shows up and says Peter needs to see a doctor.

Nina mentions Curtis and Sam are now on the hunt for Peter. Nina wants Liesl to get Peter some antibiotics or she'll call 911. While Liesl heads out to get the medication, Peter pleads his case to Nina.

Peter says Liesl is using Nina and she'll be held accountable if something happens to him. Nina says Nathan would still be alive if it weren't for Peter. He blames the death on Faison and says he tried to make amends after.

Peter says he had the flash drive and it was in his hand when he was knocked out. He tells Nina it has everything Drew needs to get his memories back.

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Anna and Finn hang out at the hospital, as one does when they're dating and being cutsy pootsie. Anna mentions it's Peter's birthday and she's spent every year alone on this day. Finn gets her a waffle and a candle so she can make a wish. Anna says she's sorry she didn't give Peter a better life and hopes he's safe.

Oscar and Drew hang out at the Rib. Oscar's still annoyed Kim went camping with evil ex-con Julian. Drew points out Joss' step-daddy is just as bad, but Oscar poo-poos it. Oscar admits he's really upset Kim isn't dating Drew.

Oscar says he wishes Drew could remember his past and wonders if there is a way he can do it. Drew explains about Andre's procedure, but it was too dangerous. Drew mentions the flash drive and how it was never recovered. He claims he's made peace with it.

Kim and Julian are camping in the woods and Julian isn't the roughing it type of guy. Liesl runs into them on the way back from getting antibiotics (seriously, I thought the cabin was in the middle of nowhere). Julian makes a joke about rattlesnakes, though Liesl doesn't believe him.

In the cabin, Peter finds a rattlesnake on his bed (seriously, can snakes climb onto furniture or is he thinking he's seeing one in his feverish state). Peter loses it and screams bloody murder, which Liesl, Kim, and Julian hear.

Nina runs into Drew at the bar and thinks it's destiny.

Sonny and Mike talk about cars and trunks. Mike complains about Sonny working for Scully all those years ago. Mike says he tried to watch out for Sonny back then. After much cryptic back and forth, Mike admits he knew about Sonny's first job. Mike says he followed Sonny to Croton and watched him bury the body. Sonny says when he went back, the body wasn't there. Mike says he took it.