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Perkie's Observations: Nina Wonders If the Flash Drive Is Real on General Hospital

Michelle Stafford

Michelle Stafford

Peter yells because of the snake. Kim worries that someone is in trouble. Liesl covers by saying she has a grief group out in the woods and they're all screaming to get over their terrible losses. Julian convinces Kim there's nothing to worry about.

Sonny wants to know where Mike took the body once he dug it up, but the two are interrupted by Dante. Mike wants to continue the story with Dante there, but Sonny manages to convince him not to.

Dante's there to warn Sonny not to do anything to "help" Carly. He says it could be worse for Carly if Sonny tries to exert some influence. Sonny swears he's not going to jeopardize Carly. After Dante leaves, Sonny tries to get more information out of Mike, but he's forgotten what they were talking about.

Nina's upset with herself because she didn't see through Peter's lies, but Drew says they were all fooled. She mentions the flash drive and Drew wonders how she knows about it. Nina lies and says she heard it from Valentin. Drew says it doesn't matter because the flash drive is gone and he's resigned himself to it.

Jordan and Curtis tell Stella they haven't picked a wedding date, but that it will be small and intimate. Stella seems fine with a fall wedding. Curtis leaves. Jordan says she doesn't expect Stella to welcome her with open arms, but they have their love for Curtis and TJ in common.

Maxie spends time with baby James while Lulu watches from outside the room. Amy talks to Lulu about the article and says she's not surprised by Kiki's allegations. Amy says she's been dismissed because she is a woman and judged because of her appearance.

Liesl gets back to the cabin and disposes of the snake. Peter continues to nag at her about Faison, but Liesl defends his father. Liesl still wants Peter's confession that he aided and abetted Faison. Peter says the confession would be inadmissible. Plus, if she kills him, she'll be locked up and away from her grandson.

Maxie asks Lulu if she or Dante have any new leads on Peter. Lulu says she hasn't. Maxie gets upset that Lulu is moving on to her next story because Peter is yesterday's news. Lulu swears there is nothing new for her to report, but she is still helping Maxie find Peter.

Lulu offers to help Maxie get ready to bring James home. Maxie says they aren't besties despite Lulu thinking Maxie forgave her. Maxie agrees to let Lulu help her, but that's all.

Curtis runs into Nina and Drew. He updates them there is no sign of Peter anywhere. After Nina leaves, Curtis tells Drew that he and Sam are opening their own PI business. Drew tells him to keep Sam safe. Curtis asks Drew to be his best man and Drew accepts.

Peter warns Liesl that everyone is looking for him including the PCPD, the WSB, and especially his mother. Liesl mocks him because he's now interested in Anna as his mother. Liesl lights a candle on a cupcake and wishes him a happy birthday. She believes it will be his last.

Nina runs into Jordan and asks if anyone found a flash drive in Peter's possessions. Jordan says she didn't, so Nina thinks Peter was lying about that too. The camera pans to the lost and found box, which is where the flash drive is.