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Perkie's Observations: Chase Strolls Down Memory Lane on General Hospital

Josh Swickard, Chloe Lanier

Josh Swickard, Chloe Lanier

Anna and Finn spend the night together. The next morning, they're all giddy about their new relationship. The two decide to plan a trip together.

Alexis updates Sam that her divorce is final and Drew has full custody of Aurora. Sam's happy to have a clean break. Alexis talks about her mother and how much influence she ended up having on her. Sam agrees that it's why Alexis is attracted to dangerous men.

Chase has Nelle's dead fiancé's case sent to him so he can stare into space and reminisce. Chase remembers interrogating Nelle after the man's death. She declared she wasn't guilty. Chase thinks about her showing up to see him in Florida and seducing him.

Meanwhile, Nelle tells Michael that Chase was the cop on her case. He followed her to Florida and now Port Charles. Nelle claims Chase became obsessed with her. After Michael leaves, Nelle remembers she seduced Chase, then turned him in for inappropriate behavior.

Franco tells Kevin he wants to give Liz the wedding of her dreams. Kevin offers free sessions as his wedding present. Kevin feels Franco has made progress, but there are always setbacks.

Michael stops by the PCPD. He's not happy to see Chase with his box of information on Nelle. He accuses Chase of stalking her.

The intern tells Nurse Mary that Kevin changed Carly's dosage, which does not sit well with her. Carly plays nice with Mary, then spots Jason working. Jason approaches Carly and tells her to keep her cool and play the part until he can get her out.

Kevin arrives to check on Carly. Mary questions him about the change in medication, but Kevin says it's his decision, and to abide by it. Kevin talks to Carly and promises to move her to a better wing when a room opens up.

Kevin spots Jason and recognizes him.