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Perkie's Observations: Joss Stumbles on Some Intel on General Hospital

Eden McCoy

Eden McCoy

Kevin recognizes Jason, but when Mary questions it, Kevin doesn't expose him. After Mary leaves, Kevin tells Jason he can't stay, but Jason says he's there to protect Carly. Kevin says he's in a better position to keep an eye on Carly.

Michael calls Chase a stalker. Chase says Nelle is a lying liar who's pants are on fire. Dante shows up, so Michael tells him about Chase and Nelle's history. He mentions the two sleeping together.

Chase defends himself. He claims Nelle seduced him, then had him reprimanded. Chase swears all he wants from Nelle is a confession. Michael warns him to stay away from her. Dante gets angry with Chase for not disclosing his past relationship. Chase warns him that Nelle is evil. Dante says Michael can take care of himself. Chase says Carly thought the same thing.

Oscar complains about Kim and Julian to Joss, but she's too busy worrying about her own mother to care. Kim sees that Joss is upset and tries to comfort her. She promises Joss that Carly will get the help she needs and come home.

David runs into Alexis and asks for her legal help in this defamation case. Alexis says she's Kiki's attorney and wants nothing to do with David.

Ava and Nelle discuss the blackmail items they have against each other. Ava says she's hanging onto the blanket, so Nelle says she's not deleting the photo. Ava says Carly being at Ferncliff benefits them both and warns Nelle to get rid of any evidence that can come back and bite her. Nelle pulls out the bottle of cologne from her purse and ponders it.

Griffin checks in on Kiki. She explains she's been waiting to hear if someone else comes forward with a similar complaint against David. Kiki worries her past will come back to haunt her if this goes to court.

Griffin promises to be there for her, but Kiki says she can't have him by her side because of what happened between them.

Joss stops by to see Nelle to ask what it's like being in a mental facility. Nelle says she went there to get the help she needed and the same will happen for Carly. Michael arrives with a package for Nelle.

Nelle opens the package and finds a t-shirt from a pub she and Chase used to go to. She claims Chase sent it to her as a message. Michael says he told Chase to back off.

Ava runs into David and asks about the art he wanted. David says he can't work with her since Kiki is accusing him. Ava is shocked to find out that he's the one. David claims Kiki lied about everything and he can sue her for slander.

David says Ava taught Kiki to use her body. Ava slaps him, just as Griffin and Kiki arrive. They break it up.

Alexis asks Julian to go to therapy with her. She says she needs to work through some issues and it's important to her.

Ava tells Kiki something needs to be done about David, Victor Jerome style. Kiki tells her mother to back off because she's taking care of it. (Methinks David might end up dead, with a boatload of possible suspects.) 

As Nelle's leaving, she notices the bottle of cologne is no longer in her purse and she can't find it. On the other side of town, Joss has the bottle.

Michael checks out Nelle's computer browser history and sees that she ordered the t-shirt and sent it to herself.

Kevin insists Jason should leave, but Jason says it's up to Carly. Carly wants him to stay.