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Perkie's Observations: Kiki Finds an Ally on General Hospital

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Emme Rylan, Rebecca Herbst, Hayley Erin

Emme Rylan, Rebecca Herbst, Hayley Erin

Julian feels it's a lot for Alexis to ask him to join her in a session. He worries about Kim's feelings. Alexis is surprised their relationship is at the point where Kim would need to know. She says she won't force Julian to do anything he's not comfortable with.

Sonny suggests he and Mike take a walk through the old neighborhood to bring back memories. (I thought he meant Bensonhurst, but what he meant was actually Charles Street.) The two end up at Julian's pub. Mike spots a photo of "Charlie" on the wall and recognizes him.

After a doctor ignores Kiki, she admits to Liz that others are uncomfortable around her as well. Liz promises they'll find someone else to corroborate her story. Lulu arrives and says no one has come forward yet.

Kiki worries that no one believes her. Lulu promises others will come forward against David, which Francesca overhears.

Liesl is disgusted to find Anna and Finn making out in public, as though they have no care in the world. Anna tries to commiserate with Liesl regarding Nathan's death. Liesl accuses her of putting a target on Nathan's back.

Liesl makes a snarky comment about neither of them seeing their sons again, which Anna questions. Liesl covers and says Peter fled and won't contact Anna.

Nina finds Peter asleep and briefly thinks he's dead. She yells that he lied about the flash drive since she didn't find it. Peter's worried about Liesl, saying once he gives the confession, she'll kill him.

Julian talks to Kim who says he doesn't need her permission to do the session with Alexis. She says she'll support whatever choice Julian makes.

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Brad stops by to thank Julian for giving the information Lucas needed. The two discuss the birth mother. Brad admits it's frustrating that he knows nothing about her. Brad says Alexis is dealing with the adoption and knows everything.

Finn goes to see Valentin to have a pissing contest. (I mean, to tell him that he and Anna are together and Valentin needs to back off.) Valentin warns Finn he's not dealing with an amateur. Finn counters with his own threat. Valentin says he's fine with Finn since he makes Anna happy.

Kim asks for Liz's advice in dealing with exes. She explains about Julian and Alexis' session, and admits it bothers her.

Anna tells Finn about Liesl's strange comment. She thinks Liesl knows something about Peter. Finn tells her he confronted Valentin. Anna is worried since they've just found each other.

When Liesl gets back to the cabin, Nina wants to know her intentions. Liesl swears she doesn't intend on hurting Peter and to trust her. After Nina leaves, Liesl eats in front of Peter without giving him anything.

Nina gets back to the office and finds that Valentin has turned her office into their suite in Morocco.

Julian tells Alexis he'll join her in her session.

Alexis checks in with Lulu and Kiki, and warns them that without proof this lawsuit will be an uphill battle. She says David can countersue for defamation. After she leaves, Lulu reassures Kiki that someone will thank her for speaking up.

Francesca steps up and says it happened to her as well.