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Perkie's Observations: Alexis and Julian See Kevin on General Hospital

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William deVry, Nancy Lee Grahn

William deVry, Nancy Lee Grahn

Mike insists he knows Charlie from his past, but he's not making any sense, which confuses Sonny. The two start to argue as Margaux arrives and tries to defend Mike. Sonny tells her to back off as Mike is his father. Sonny and Margaux argue about his criminal life.

Sonny blames Margaux for going after Carly to get to him. Margaux says she did her job and warns Sonny to step down.

Carly deliberately creates a mess so she can spend time with Jason while he cleans her room. Carly complains that Mary is hard on her and Jason warns her to play by the rules.

Sam and Curtis find no sign that Peter left town. They figure he's still in Port Charles and someone is helping him. Sam thinks it could be Valentin. They think they should check Peter's hotel room for clues.

Valentin hopes Morocco will help Nina fall back in love with him. Valentin says she's his future, but Nina doesn't feel the same way. Nina says she can't trust anything he says and shouldn't have given him a second chance.

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Nina gets angry, blaming Valentin for forcing her to take matters into her own hands. Valentin wants to know what she means by that. Nina covers, but Valentin tells her he can help her if she's in trouble. Nina doesn't want his help.

Valentin mentions the attack on Cassandra and how he helped Nina then. Nina accuses him of blackmailing her.

Julian tells Alexis he'll sit in on her session. Kevin asks Alexis to explain how her father shaped her relationships with men. Julian doesn't understand why he's there and gets upset when he realizes it's an attack on him.

Julian's ready to storm out until Kevin manages to calm him down. Kevin asks what attracted Julian to Alexis. Julian says he wanted redemption and she would make him a better man. Julian agrees to more sessions.

Brad and Lucas (no really, Brad and Lucas were let out of the closet for five minutes) discuss their baby issue, and how they are on pins and needles. Lucas is worried and Brad reassures him.

Sam and Curtis break into Peter's old room. It turns out it's now being rented out to Margaux, who's not happy to see them.

Jason hears someone yelling and is curious to know who it is.