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Perkie's Observations: Jason Gets Booted From Ferncliff on General Hospital

Steve Burton

Steve Burton

Nina accuses Valentin of blackmailing her, but he claims he just wants to help her. He mentions that no one knows what happened to Cassandra, except possibly Anna. This angers Nina even more and she insists the two are over.

Sam claims she and Curtis are investigating Peter's disappearance, and shows their PI badges. Margaux allows them to continue their search while she watches, but they don't find anything.

Jason wants to know about the yelling patient, but Kevin says it's not his business. Jason says he has to finish cleaning Carly's room, so Kevin lets him in. Jason gives Carly a burner phone to use in case of an emergency.

Felicia runs into Anna. She tells her she's planning a baby shower for Maxie and James, and has been trying to find Liesl. Anna says she won't attend the shower since she and Liesl don't get along. Anna brings up Peter and how she told Robin the truth. Felicia wonders who's comforting Anna. Finn arrives and says he is. Felicia is thrilled they're really dating.

Jordan stops by to see Maxie. She asks if she knows where Peter might have gone. She feels Maxie is the only friend Peter had, but Maxie says he was nothing more than a liar. Maxie's also worried about taking care of James on her own, but Jordan reassures her and offers to help if needed.

Liesl reads Peter's book to him, which describes his terrible childhood. She wants him to write a sequel which will be his confession.

Kevin has a session with Carly. She admits the insanity plea was not true. It was just to get her out of Pentonville. Carly swears Nelle lost her footing and she didn't push her. Carly explains that Nelle was gaslighting her, but they have no proof.

Kevin says Carly hasn't dealt with her grief over Morgan's death, which allowed Nelle to manipulate her.

Anna asks Jason if he has any leads on Peter, but Jason says he's been preoccupied with Carly. Anna thanks him for saving her life.

Anna tells Finn he hasn't heard from Robin and she needs to make things right. Finn tells her to go and fix the relationship. Anna decides to go to Berkeley.

Felicia goes to Nina's and asks if she's seen Liesl because she's planning a shower. Nina heads to the cabin to tell Liesl about the shower. Nina says she needs to make an appearance. Liesl heads into town to tell Maxie and Felicia she's ready to plan the shower.

Jordan tells Sam and Curtis that while there is footage of Peter arriving at the hotel, there is no sign of him leaving. Sam decides maybe someone wasn't helping Peter, but wanted revenge and made him disappear.

The patient in the next room starts tapping on the wall. Carly thinks he's sending her a message by morse code.

Jason shows up back at Ferncliff (why? he was done for the day). Mary says he's been lying to her and she knows his real identity. She escorts him off the premises. Kevin lurks in the background.