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Perkie's Observations: Morgan's Cologne Ends Up in Oscar's Hands on General Hospital

Eden McCoy, Garren Stitt

Eden McCoy, Garren Stitt

Dante's still angry with Chase for not telling him about his relationship with Nelle. Chase says all he wants is to protect Dante's family from her. Chase says they need to build an airtight case against her.

Oscar and Joss receive academic awards and celebrate with Drew and Kim. Joss gives Oscar a compass and the half-bottle left of Morgan's cologne. Oscar's happy that both his parents were there, which upsets Joss, who had no one to represent her.

Michael finds Nelle looking for the perfume bottle and says he found it in her medicine cabinet. They discuss Chase, and Nelle thinks she should report him to the commissioner. Michael mentions she had him reprimanded after they slept together. Nelle claims she was a victim of Chase's demands. Michael reassures her that he's here for her.

Jason updates Sonny that he was fired because Kevin gave him up. Sonny's certain Kevin will look after Carly, but Jason's still worried about her. Jason says it's worse than prison and Carly isn't wired to put up with that.

Mary finds Carly with something. It turns out to be a journal Kevin told her to write her thoughts into. Mary mentions she found out the truth about Jason, and he's now gone. The patient in the other room bangs on the wall, so Mary yells at him to stop. Mary tells Carly not to engage since he's dangerous. Later, Mary goes into the room and sedates the patient so he's no longer making noise.

Joss gets home and shows Sonny and Jason the award she won. Sonny says he's proud of her. Joss is sad that Carly wasn't there, but Jason reassures her he's going to get Carly out.

Nelle stops by to see Joss to ask about the cologne. Joss lies and says she threw it out.

Oscar shows his parents the cologne Joss gave him and spritzes some on. Nelle runs into him and smells the cologne. She asks about it and Oscar says Joss gave him a bottle.

Michael updates Jason that he's been investigating Nelle. He's upset he believed her and allowed her to mess up their family. Michael is certain Nelle will make a mistake and he'll be there.

Sonny is allowed to pay Carly a visit.