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Perkie's Observations: Franco and Ava Conspire on General Hospital

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Maura West, Roger Howarth

Maura West, Roger Howarth

Rupert isn't happy to see Sonny in Carly's room. Sonny pays him to look the other way, and later to take care of Carly. Carly tells Sonny to warn Michael away from Nelle. Carly also asks him to take care of Josslyn.

Sonny says they're doing everything to prove Carly shouldn't be here. Carly asks if he believes Nelle set her up. Sonny does. He notes that since Carly's been away, the weird events stopped. He promises that once Carly is out and the baby is born, Nelle will pay.

Michael tells Kiki that she's incredibly brave for coming forward. Kiki is still worried that without proof she won't be believed. Kiki approaches Francesca and says she understands if she's not able to come forward.

Chase runs into Nelle and the two argue about their past. Chase tells her to have Michael back off. He riles her up by saying she doesn't belong with the Quartermaines. He grabs her hand as Michael walks in, so Nelle pretends Chase is harrassing her.

Michael tells Chase to back off and mentions the t-shirt that was sent to her. Chase denies he sent it.

Alexis thanks Julian for going with her to her session. She gives him the deed to her house, since he bought it for her. Julian tells her to keep it.

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Franco complains about Dr. Bensch, but Liz reassures him that justice will be served. Ava and Griffin run into them, so Franco and Ava decide to have coffee. Ava says they both know who did this to Kiki and wonder what they should do about it.

Franco says the old him would do something, but he's happier now and will let Kiki deal with it her way. Ava agrees, but says if Kiki doesn't get justice, then Bensch will get what he deserves.

Julian tells Kim he went to the session with Alexis because it was cathartic for her. Kim says he doesn't need to apologize. Julian wants them to take a trip to Florence.

Kiki meets with Alexis. She tells her to go ahead with the lawsuit because someone else is coming forward. Francesca explains to Alexis how David would touch and kiss her, then claim she misunderstood his advances. Francesca says she eventually gave in and had sex with him.

Alexis says it wasn't consent so much as capitulation. Francesca says it went on for months, but stopped and she realized he'd moved on to someone else. Alexis says this will dredge up garbage in their past, but both girls say they are ready.

Carly's neighbor continues to tap on the wall, despite her yelling that she doesn't know Morse code. Carly pulls out the burner phone to find an app, and figures out he's tapping an SOS.

Sonny tells Michael that Carly warned him away from Nelle. Michael says he ignored the warnings and it's on him to fix this.

Nelle worries that Michael believes what Chase is telling him. Michael promises nothing will come between them. He says they should get married.