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Perkie's Observations: JaSam Work Together to Free Carly on General Hospital

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Steve Burton, Kelly Monaco

Steve Burton, Kelly Monaco

Nelle's hesitant to accept Michael's proposal, saying they can co-parent without marriage. Michael says they had something once. Nelle questions his love for her. Michael says he loves her, so Nelle agrees to marry him.

Jason tells Sam that Kevin got him fired and he's worried Carly will lose it in there. Jason says if they can't find the evidence they need, he's going to break Carly out. Sam points out that they'll be on the run, which will make things worse for both of them.

Drew stops by Liz's to talk about her wedding. He says he received an invitation, which surprised him. Liz says Franco wants Drew at the wedding. Liz asks about the memory procedure, but Drew says he decided not to go through with it. Drew's still annoyed by Jason's memories, but Liz says he doesn't need to carry Jason's burdens.

Ava continues to think up ways of killing David. Franco goes along with it until he realizes that she's serious. Franco says he has no interest in that anymore and promises Kiki will get her day in court. Franco says if the law fails, then they'll do something.

Alexis approaches David and tells him she's filing the lawsuit against him. David says the suit is frivolous, but Alexis tells him to get himself a lawyer.

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Dante tells Lulu he's going undercover with the WSB. He's set to work on a case that involved Lulu several years ago. Lulu's upset, but Dante says they could shut down a major weapon trafficking ring.

David runs into Scott and asks him to be his lawyer. Scott tells Ava and Franco that David asked for his defense, but turned him down.

Ava wants him to take the case and tank it. Ava promises to compensate him for helping to stop David. Scott goes back to David and agrees to be his lawyer.

Finn spots Alexis and questions why they haven't run into each at a meeting. Alexis explains about her poor choice in men including Finn. She says she's trying to change her patterns.

Dante lets Chase know he's leaving. Chase promises to get Nelle and protect Michael.

Michael and Nelle show up at the station to see Dante, and tell Chase they're getting married.

Jason says they need proof that Nelle bought the scarf. He explains to Sam about the flyer with the disappearing ink. Sam calls a contact at the PCPD who tells her about the night Chase put the flyer into evidence. Sam decides they're going to retrieve the flyer.