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Perkie's Observations: Carly Opens Up to Kevin on General Hospital

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Laura Wright

Laura Wright

Everyone gathers for Maxie's baby shower. They wonder where Liesl and Nina are. Lulu tells Maxie about Dante's new assignment.

Nina worries because Peter's burning up with a fever again. Liesl just wants to get to the shower. After they leave, Peter hallucinates that Maxie is there yelling at him.

Carly gets upset with Kevin for having Jason fired. He says he did it to protect her. Kevin says she willingly entered into a conspiracy and he can't get in trouble for her. Carly says she survives better with Jason around. Kevin wonders why. Carly explains her relationship with Jason to Kevin.

Carly mentions to Kevin about her noisy neighbor. Kevin warns Carly that the patient is dangerous and not to respond.

Spinelli's in town to help Jason with Carly's case. Jason explains about the note and cologne. Sam gets the note from the PCPD. Spinelli sprays it with a solution, which brings the words back.

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Franco thinks Drew's talking Liz out of marrying him. Drew however, says he'll happily be attending the wedding. After everything they've been through, Drew says he considers Franco a friend. Franco asks Drew to be his best man and he agrees.

Liz gets a text from a male childhood friend and explains her relationship to Franco and Drew. Liz is thrilled he's coming to town, but Franco thinks he's coming to steal Liz away.

Drew drags Franco away and tells him not to freak out over a boy from Liz's past.

Maxie gets a call that James is ready to be released. Maxie complains to Nina and Liesl they haven't been around. Liesl says she's still grieving for Nathan and Nina claims she's dealing with Valentin.

Sam sees Nina and Liesl acting squirrelly. Then, she overhears Julian talk about seeing Liesl in the woods. Nina worries someone will find Peter.

Liz's friend Terry shows up. It turns out he is now a she.