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Perkie's Observations: Even a Boy Scout Won't Rescue Peter on General Hospital

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Wes Ramsey

Wes Ramsey

Michael has a ring for Nelle, though for a moment, she doesn't want to accept it. Nelle feels she's not allowed to be happy, but Michael says they belong together.

Jason shows Sonny the note with the restored ink and says it validates Carly's accusations against Nelle.

Carly's neighbor taps out a new message, "held against my will". Carly responds she can't help him.

A boy scout finds Peter tied to the bed, but is not interested in helping. Peter piques his interest by mentioning the badges he can get for courage and saving a life. At the end, the kid just decides to leave.

Maxie questions Sam about leads regarding Peter. She says she's figured out Sam and Curtis are on the case. Sam says Maxie knew him best, but Maxie feels all she knows are lies. Curtis figures someone loyal to Faison is avenging his death.

Curtis tells Nina that Valentin is in the clear, but they are still trying to find Peter. Nina gives her worries to Liesl, so the two head back to the cabin.

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Chase tells Jordan the suspect he had the affair with was Nelle. He wants to continue investigating. He says he has an advantage this time because Nelle thinks he still has feelings for her.

Michael calls his family over to the mansion to announce his engagement to Nelle, which shocks everyone. Olivia uncomfortably welcomes Nelle. Bobbie says Nelle is nothing but trouble and they'll get married over her dead body.

Lulu asks when they should expect a wedding. Olivia suggests an autumn wedding. Nelle says they want to do it now. Sonny says he's not happy, but he and Jason say it's Michael's choice. Nelle asks Josslyn to be maid of honor.

Kevin pops by to see Carly. She lies and says the patient next door has been quiet, but wonders if he's really dangerous. Kevin says most of the patients are dangerous and delusional. He wants Carly to use her time there to work on her grief for Morgan.

Back at the cabin, Nina wants to release Peter, but Liesl wants a confession first. (Wash, rinse, repeat, ad nauseam.) While Liesl's out of the room Peter begs Nina to let him go or end up in prison. (Wash, rinse, repeat.) Nina leaves. Liesl continues to torture Peter.

Curtis shows Sam footage of someone walking down the hall with a laundry cart. He thinks Peter was hidden in it to get out of the hotel. They decide they need to figure out who was pushing it.

MIchael tells Sonny and Jason that he's doing all of this to protect his family and help get Carly out. Sonny worries what Carly will do if she finds out about the wedding.

Nelle shows up to Ferncliff to tell Carly.