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Perkie's Observations: Michael Swears He Knows What He's Doing on General Hospital

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Maurice Benard, Chad Duell

Maurice Benard, Chad Duell

Nelle tells Carly she's there to forgive her. Carly plays along saying how much it means to her. Nelle says she's spending a lot of time with Joss and claims the teen has confided in her about Oscar. Nelle says she asked Joss to be her maid of honor and shows Carly the ring. Carly holds it together. She points out that some marriages don't work out despite a baby.

Michael swears his eyes are wide open and he knows what he's doing. Sonny worries what Nelle will do if she finds out Michael is playing her. Michael says he'll call for help if he needs it. Sonny leaves to warn Carly.

Franco comes home and is introduced to Terry. She tells her story about transitioning. Franco admits he was jealous. Liz wonders why Terry never confided in her. Terry says she worried Liz would reject her. Terry says she has an interview at the hospital. Liz invites her to the wedding since she may be in town.

Kim and Julian head to the Metro Court to celebrate the 4th of July fireworks. Julian gets upset when he sees Sam, Lucas, and Brad celebrating without him. Julian tells Kim he's worried about Lucas and how he has no control over the birth mother.

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Lucas asks Sam to be their baby's godmother. Julian interrupts them to offer his hope that the baby arrives healthy. After he leaves, Sam warns Lucas not to let Julian around the baby.

Joss joins Oscar in the park for the fireworks. She apologizes for her outburst from the other day. Cameron, who's now been aged to a teenager, interrupts their picnic. Cameron reminisces about his childhood with Joss, which seems to make Oscar jealous.

Jason questions Michael's decision to marry Nelle, reminding him she's dangerous. Michael says she's carrying his baby and swears Nelle won't play him again. Michael says he'll keep her close as long as it takes. Jason tells him to make sure whatever he does, he needs to live with it.

Sonny is not happy to see Nelle hanging out at Ferncliff and orders her to leave. Carly's upset about the marriage news, saying she can't lose Michael too. Sonny says they need to trust Michael because he isn't going into this blindly.

Jason heads to the bridge to watch the fireworks, and runs into Sam and Danny.

Nelle gets back to the mansion and admits to Michael she went to see Carly. She claims she wanted to give Carly some joy in hearing about their wedding. Nelle worries that Carly will never accept her. Michael promises that she will.