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Perkie's Observations: Scott Learns About Franco's Tragic Past on General Hospital

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Kin Shriner

Kin Shriner

Oscar complains about Julian to Kim saying she deserves better. Kim warns Oscar not to be rude. She understands he wants her with Drew, but that won't happen. Oscar gets upset thinking she and Drew have discussed this.

Alexis tells Kiki that there is to be no more publicity in the lead up to the trial. She's building a case.

Scott lets Franco know that David has a photo of Griffin and Kiki hugging, which he plans to use against her. Franco calls Alexis to warn her. Alexis tells Kiki that David has a photo. Kiki figures out it was taken before she and Griffin slept together and swears to Alexis there isn't anything she's not disclosing.

Sam stops by Aurora to ask Drew if Peter ever mentioned anyone who was against him. Drew says Peter never discussed his personal life. He tells Sam he received the divorce papers and questions why she gave up her part of Aurora. Sam says she felt it best to make a clean break and for Aurora to have a sole owner.

Sam says she's grateful for her time with Drew and they'll always have Scout to bond them. Sam wants Drew to have the wedding rings, but Drew tells her to keep them for Scout. (I'm sure Scout would love to have the rings of her parents failed marriage.)

Milo spends time with Mike, which upsets him. He admits to Sonny he lost his mother to Alzheimer's a few years ago. Sonny offers his condolences. Milo says not to waste time and to ask for help, if needed.

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Julian asks what Ava's plans are for David, but Ava says she's staying out of it until after the trial is over. She admits she's going to do something if the trial doesn't go their way. Julian introduces Ava to Kim. Kim suggests they have a double date dinner with Griffin.

Franco gets angry about David and announces that sexual predators should be dealt with. (Lightning does not strike his hypocritical butt.) Scott wonders what that's about and offers support to Franco. He explains what happened to him as a child.

Oscar shows up for his first day of work at Aurora, only to be snarky with Drew. He's pissed that Mom and Dad have been talking about him. Drew says he never told Kim that Oscar wants them back together. Kim figured it out on her own based on Oscar's aggression towards Julian. Drew says he and Kim are leading separate lives.

Franco tells Ava about the photo of Griffin and Kiki hugging.

Kiki drags Griffin away from the hospital for a private conversation about the photo that David has. They discuss their night together and Scott overhears it.

(Hey, did you hear that Sonny buried a body in Croton 30 years ago and Mike took care of it? It's a true story.) Sonny wants to know where the body Mike took care of is. Mike's having a lucid day, so when Sonny asks if Mike brought the body back to PC, Mike admits he did. Mike says he and his buddy Charlie buried it in the foundation of Charlie's Pub.

Julian tells Kim he's going to tear up the back office to make renovations to the pub.