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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Nikki and Sharon Run Into a Blast from the Past

Melody Thomas Scott, Sharon Case

Melody Thomas Scott, Sharon Case

Nikki/Sharon: The socialite (Melody Thomas Scott) heads over to the coffee maven's (Sharon Case) house. She wants to kvetch about the latest news article about Victor (Eric Braeden) and J.T.'s (Thad Luckinbill) disappearance. Apparently, a news article written by Scotty Granger, Jr. (Daniel Hall) insinuates the Newman patriarch is responsible for his former son-in-law's vanishing act, and may have killed him. The women both wonder if J.T. is in fact alive, and his behind some of the negative things happening at Newman Enterprises. 

Later, the two hear a noise outside of Sharon's place. They glance outside the window to see J.T. staring right at them. The women freak out and their screams alert Nick (Joshua Morrow), who is at home. They fill him in on what they saw. Nick, ironically, grabs a fire poker to see who is in fact outside. Meanwhile, Nikki tries to call Victor at the ranch, but isn't able to get through to him. When Nick returns he agrees with his mother and his fiancé not to let the Genoa City Police Department know what's going on. They decide to take care of things themselves. Is J.T. back amongst the living?

Victor: Mr. Mumbles decides to get dirty.

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