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Perkie's Observations: Chase Hatches a Plan to Trap Nelle on General Hospital

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Josh Swickard

Josh Swickard

Sonny updates Jason about Nelle's visit to Carly, and Mike's secret about the body from Croton.

Nelle complains to Michael that Carly isn't welcoming her into the family with open arms. Michael tells her to back off for a bit.

Ava complains to Julian about the photo of Kiki and Griffin hugging, but swears it was innocent. Scott shows up. Then, Julian complains that he's taken David as a client.

Kiki insists to Griffin that she is not disclosing they slept together. Griffin says they need to be prepared for trial. Griffin wants Kiki to tell Alexis. Alexis shows up and asks about the photo. They both explain it as an innocent hug. Alexis warns them both it will get ugly in court.

Maxie invites Lulu over to hang out like they used to. Apparently, Colonel Sanders is a friend and drops by for a visit. Because of hackers, he hides his secret recipe with Maxie. (Seriously, which writer thought this was a good idea?).

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Wyatt, the worst boy scout in the history of the world, returns to yell at Peter for taking his bugle. Wyatt admits he didn't tell anyone that Peter was there. Peter convinces him to untie the ropes.

Chase tells Jordan he has a plan to get to Nelle, and needs Michael's help. They call Michael in to offer their support in manipulating Nelle. Chase's plan is for Michael to pretend to die.

Nelle runs into Ava and shows her the engagement ring. She says they're hoping to get married before the baby comes. Ava asks if Micheal will suffer the same fate as Zach. Nelle says she would never hurt Michael.

Maxie gets a call that James is ready to come home today.

Michael tells Nelle that he wants to get married today.

Sonny and Jason stop by the pub. They are not happy to hear Julian will be ripping things up for a renovation.