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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Isn't a Fan of Julian's Plans on General Hospital

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Steve Burton, Maurice Benard, William deVry

Steve Burton, Maurice Benard, William deVry

Julian explains to Sonny about his plans to renovate. Sonny tries to discourage him claiming that construction is messy. Julian is not about to change his plans. Sonny offers to buy the bar from Julian, who turns him down. Later, Jason tells Sonny that they'll stall the construction plans.

Nelle doesn't want to rush into a wedding today. She wants Michael's family there. Michael spots Chase across the room. He says he wants to get married right away to get rid of him. Nelle talks Olivia into letting them get married at the hotel tomorrow. Nelle's quick to rub it in Chase's face about the wedding. Meanwhile, Michael is updating Jordan.

Liesl and Nina help Maxie bring baby James home. (I call shenanigans on Felicia not being there as well.)

Finn invites Chase to lunch so they can get to know each other. He asks questions about Peter's case. This makes Chase wonder if this was the only reason for the invitation. Finn says he also has a birthday present for Chase, which happens to be two tickets to a baseball game in Boston.  Chase thinks Finn gave him the tickets because his parents are coming to town. He declines Finn's invitation.

Scott has information for Ava. He overheard Kiki and Griffin talking about sleeping together. She cuts him off thinking it's about the photo of them hugging. She claims it was innocent. Scott points out as David's lawyer, he will have to be hard on Kiki on the stand.

Liesl heads back to the cabin before Wyatt has a chance to untie Peter. Wyatt hides under the bed. When Liesl heads out again, Wyatt manages to run off and leaves the bugle behind. When Liesl returns, she finds the bugle under the bed and demands to know who left it. Nina arrives at that moment and claims that it's hers.

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Wyatt heads over to Franco's studio (apparently he's a former patient, though it really was more of a OLTL reference, which went over my head as a non-OLTL watcher). Franco's not quick to buy Wyatt's story about a man tied up in a cabin and a woman with an accent.

Ava stops by the hospital to let Griffin know that she knows about the photo. Kiki shows up. She's upset the doctor she's supposed to be shadowing has pulled out of the program. She believes David is sabotaging her and thinks she should drop the lawsuit. Ava tells her not to drop it and let the truth come out.

Peter wonders why Nina covered for him regarding the bugle. She says she knows Maxie wouldn't want him dead because he was a friend to her. Peter again, begs Nina to let him go before Liesl kills him.

Felix tells Sonny that Mike seems agitated today because he feels pressured into remembering things. Sonny tells Jason that Mike won't be able to lead them to the body.

Julian's going through a box of things from previous owner Charlie and finds an old photo of young Mike and Charlie, circa 1983.

Liesl heads to the hospital to get more antibiotics for Peter, which she manages to snag from David. Finn runs into her and questions why she's at the hospital. Wyatt and Franco happen to walk by. Wyatt recognizes her as the woman at the cabin.

Liesl makes a hasty escape, probably to run to the cabin and move Peter before anyone finds him.

Wyatt shows Finn the notebook he took from the cabin with Liesl's notes on The Severed Branch. Finn recognizes it and asks Wyatt to show him where the cabin is.