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Perkie's Observations: Jason Opposes Michael's Plan on General Hospital

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Steve Burton, Chad Duell

Steve Burton, Chad Duell

Peter promises not to tell the police that Nina was involved if she unties him, which Nina does.

Finn wants to follow up on the boy scout's information to get Peter out of the cabin alive. Franco isn't in a hurry since it involves his bestie Liesl. The two head to the cabin, where they run into Liesl. She says the cabin is her special place where she goes to be alone. Finn breaks in, only to find it empty. The restraints are still on the bed.

Finn demands to know where Peter is. Franco wants answers as well. Liesl says the boy scout did see someone tied up, but it was her lover and they are into kinky sex.

Kevin shows up for a session with Carly. Carly admits her grief for Morgan left her vulnerable to Nelle. Carly is upset with herself for letting Nelle get to her and lose perspective. Carly says she's determined to protect her two remaining children since she couldn't protect Morgan.

Carly claims she knew something was off with Morgan and didn't follow her instincts. Kevin says she's endured the worst and needs to focus on moving forward.

Chase warns Nelle the marriage won't work. If it ends in divorce, she'll lose everything, possibly even custody of the baby. Chase works her hard. He tells Nelle he still loves her and needs to leave Michael for him.

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Michael tells Jason and Sonny he's getting married tomorrow, so everything is legal and locked in. Jason isn't happy, but Sonny trusts Michael to make the right choice. He's certain Michael will take Nelle down.

After Sonny leaves, Michael tells Jason the truth about the plan to get Nelle. Jason says his parents won't survive thinking he's dead. Michael says he needs to protect his child and it's his risk.

Curtis and Sam discuss the case. Curtis says he knows the person with the laundry cart was not an employee. Sam knows the person was a woman based on their shoes.

After Finn and Franco leave, Nina returns to the cabin and tells Liesl she hid Peter in a root cellar. The two bring him back and retie him to the bed. Franco sends a text that Finn is still suspicious, and likely calling the police.

Liesl decides they need to get rid of Peter and grabs a pillow to kill him. Nina stops her and says they should just take him elsewhere.

Sonny stops by to see Carly and tell her that the wedding is tomorrow. Sonny promises that Michael knows what he's doing and will survive this.

Jason finds Sam to complain about Michael's plan. Sam reminds him that Michael is a grown man who can protect himself.

Michael interrupts Chase and Nelle. After Chase leaves, Michael says Ned will be officiating the ceremony. Michael also has a prenup for Nelle to sign.