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Perkie's Observations: Maxie and Lulu Break Up and Make Up on General Hospital

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Kirsten Storms, Emme Rylan

Kirsten Storms, Emme Rylan

Lulu's surprised to find Maxie at work a day after bringing James home. She has no trouble calling her on it. Maxie's back to being angry with Lulu, which she doesn't understand since they got together yesterday.

Maxie points out that Nathan and James will never know each other. Lulu counters she wrote the article to help them catch Faison. Maxie accuses Lulu of making everything about herself. Lulu counters she's trying, while Maxie continues to treat her like garbage. The two have a fight and throw beach toys at each other.

Nelle calls a lawyer to ask about her rights regarding the prenup. She doesn't find it romantic, but Michael explains everyone marrying into the Quartermaine family must do it. He says it's just a formality since he has no intention of divorcing her. Nelle signs the papers.

Chase tells Finn his parents cancelled their trip and aren't coming into town after all. Finn plans to tell Chase about the notebook from the cabin, but Chase gets called away.

Peter has been moved to the Wyndemere stables. Liesl says the staff has a few days off, so no one will find him. Liesl can't find her notebook and worries she left it at the cabin.

Drew finds Nina to complain about her current inattention with work. He points out the August issue is due tomorrow and the ads haven't been secured. Nina's surprised how time has passed and promises it won't happen again. Valentin eavesdrops as Nina promises to have all the ads sold on time.

Valentin tries to make nice with Nina. She's not having it until she gets a call he bought all the ad space for the August issue. The ad is his declaration of love for her. Nina says it undermines her authority, but he doesn't see it that way.

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Nina tells him she can't trust him again because he lies all the time. Nina says he took an innocent child and used him as revenge, and it changed how she looks at him.

Maxie admits she doesn't hate Lulu, but her happiness makes her grief worse. Lulu promises to give Maxie her space and the two hug.

Ned finds Nelle sulking. She explains she's bothered by the prenup. She's even more upset to learn Olivia wasn't forced to sign one and did so anyway.

Chase summons Nelle to apologize to her since he has no reason to doubt Michael's feelings. Nelle tells him about the prenup. Chase questions how she'll provide for herself if Michael divorces her.

Chase tells her to dump Michael, who only wants the baby. He wants her to take the baby and run off with him. Nelle says she can't start over again because Michael gives her stability.

Ned and Drew raise a toast to Michael. Ned mentions Nelle pouting about the prenup. Drew wonders why Michael doesn't seem happier about the wedding. Michael says it's the right choice. Drew gives him a hug and reminds him they are family.

Wyatt comes into the hospital covered in poison oak. Finn treats him, then asks about the guy in the woods. Finn shows him a photo of a clean shaven Peter, but Wyatt doesn't recognize him.

Valentin mentions to Nina he has to go to Wyndemere to deal with an issue in the stables. Nina calls Liesl to warn her, but Liesl busy writing down Peter's new novel.