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Perkie's Observations: Nina Thwarts Valentin on General Hospital

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Michelle Stafford, James Patrick Stuart

Michelle Stafford, James Patrick Stuart

Nina stops Valentin from heading back to Wyndemere. She hires an actor to pretend he's an environmental agent. The fake DEC agent claims there's a bad case of West Nile virus on Spoon Island, and places it under quarantine. Valentin is forced to stay at the hotel.

Liesl gets the call from Nina that no one will be coming out to Wyndemere, and is determined to have Peter continue his story. Peter turns it around on her, saying no one's ever heard her part of the story. Liesl agrees she has a story to tell.

Curtis and Sam update Jordan about Peter's case. They show her the laundry cart footage with a woman pushing it. Sam has a list of possible women who could be responsible. Sam doesn't believe either Maxie or Nina would do it, which leaves Liesl.

Sam says both Nina and Liesl showed up late to the baby shower. Curtis decides to check out Nina. Meanwhile, Sam runs into Valentin, who mentions the West Nile quarantine on the island.

Michael calls Alexis over to discuss drawing up a will. He spots Nelle eavesdropping and tells Alexis he wants to leave everything to his baby.

Jordan asks for Stella's help in planning the wedding, which she eventually agrees to. Later, Stella calls a former flame of Curtis' and invites her to town.

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Nelle questions Michael's love for her. He claims he's happy about the three of them becoming a family.

Curtis checks in with Nina about Liesl. Nina pretends surprise that her aunt would be a person of interest, but claims she knows nothing.

Jordan asks TJ to give her away at the wedding. TJ says he's happy for her and Curtis, so he agrees.

Curtis tells Sam that Nina knows more than she's telling.

Stella runs into Mike at the hospital and complains about Curtis' upcoming wedding. Mike points out life goes by too quickly. He adds, if one is lucky enough to have love, they should grab it. He tells Stella she's not doing her Christian duty by going against the wedding. Stella calls the former flame to tell her not to come to town, but misses her.

Valentin calls to make an appointment with Finn. He worries about West Nile exposure.

Michael listens in as Nelle calls her lawyer. She finds out she would get all of his money if he died without a will.