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Perkie's Observations: Carly Has a Wedding Surprise for Nelle on General Hospital

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Chloe Lanier

Chloe Lanier

You are cordially invited to the wedding of Janelle Benson and Michael Corinthos III.

Ava checks in with Nelle and is surprised she signed the prenup. Nelle counters that prenups can be dissolved and tears up the papers. Ava warns her not to let her guard down as the Corinthi are a powerful group.

Olivia offers Michael support and says she's honored to be filling in for Carly.

Carly uses what little battery life she has left to call Michael and warn him not to marry Nelle. Michael promises everything will work out.

Joss gives Nelle a gift, a blue hair clip for her something new and blue. Brad gives her a necklace and promises he's in Nelle's corner.

Lulu complains to Olivia. Lucas complains to Brad about Nelle and what she's done to the family. Brad tells him Nelle is his friend and to give her a chance. Bobbie shows up dressed in funeral attire.

Carly loses her mind, and rants and raves to be released. Mary Pat calls Kevin, who tells her not to sedate Carly until he can see her. When Kevin shows up, Carly goes all out, ranting that Nelle will hurt Michael, and she can't lose another son. Kevin tells Mary Pat to give Carly a sedative.

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Jason begs Michael not to marry Nelle because she's too dangerous. Michael says he's to blame for bringing her into the family and his plan is worth the risk.

Ava's introduced to Oscar and recognizes the cologne he's wearing. He mentions that Joss gave it to him. Ava tells Griffin it's the one Morgan wore. She's surprised Joss would have given it to Oscar.

Chase stops by. He tries again to get Nelle to not go through with the wedding. He says they have a connection and money can't make her happy. Nelle's not interested in being poor any longer and Michael can give her everything she wants.

Chase says Michael won't fill the void in Nelle's heart, and that he'll resent her and cut her loose. Chase lays it on thick that Michael will take the child from her, and they need to be together instead.

Chase and Nelle kiss, which Joss sees. Chase leaves. Joss wants to tell Michael what happened, but Nelle convinces her otherwise.

Jason takes Drew aside. He tells him about Nelle's history with the dead fiancé and how she's good at arranging accidents. Drew says he cares about Michael and promises to watch out for him.

Michael tells Sonny about Carly's phone call. Sonny warns Michael not to go through with it. Michael says he knows what he's doing.

The wedding begins with Joss, then Nelle, walking down the aisle.

Carly comes storming in, objecting to the wedding. At the hospital, she overtook Mary Pat before getting the sedative.