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Perkie's Observations: Griffin Has Suspicions About Ava on General Hospital

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Maura West

Maura West

Carly insists that Michael not marry Nelle because she's dangerous. Carly swears she wouldn't survive if something happened to Michael. Michael insists this is what he wants. Ava calls the police. It happens to be Chase, who was already at the wedding.

Sonny tries to stop Chase from taking Carly, but he insists she needs to go back to Ferncliff. Carly's last shot is Nelle had help pulling this off as she glares at Ava.

Bobbie snarks out Ava because she had the audacity to call the police on the escaped mental institution patient. Griffin questions Carly's last shot that Nelle had help. Ava says Carly is paranoid. Griffin thinks maybe Nelle was doing something to Carly. He mentions the note and the cologne, which Oscar is now wearing. Ava poo-poos his thoughts.

Joss tells Oscar that Carly didn't seem crazy and she risked a lot to try to stop Michael's wedding. Sam and Drew offer to take Mike home.

Nelle wants to continue the wedding. She experiences pains, so Lucas and Michael insist she go to the hospital to get checked out. At the hospital, Nelle is cleared, but will be kept overnight for observation.

At the station, Carly thinks everything is fine. Jordan says she overpowered and injected a nurse, and it's now up to a judge to decide her fate. Jordan gets the call that Nelle was taken to hospital and says that won't help Carly's case.

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Sonny and Jason are upset Carly went to these measures to get out. Carly says she's trying to save her son. Carly reminds Sonny of how he felt when Morgan died and says she can't lose Michael too.

Carly begs Sonny to do whatever it takes to get Michael out of this mess. Jordan returns to take Carly back to Ferncliff.

Brad lets Lucas know he got a call about their baby. The baby mama's last check up shows everything is healthy.

Nelle wants to get married in the hospital. Michael agrees and calls Ned and Jason. Joss shows to witness the event. Michael and Nelle say their vows and exchange rings. Ned pronounces them husband and wife.

Ned signs the marriage certificate and promises to file the paperwork tomorrow. Everyone leaves Nelle alone.

Back at Ferncliff, Rupert chastises Carly for pulling the stunt. Carly tries to pull her Corinthos weight around. He says he's not the one Carly needs to worry about, but Mary Pat is.

Chase stops by to see Nelle. She says he was wrong about Michael's feelings since he didn't back out of the wedding. Chase says Michael can still take the baby away and points out Michael left her alone on their wedding night.

Joss tells Michael she saw Nelle and Chase kissing. Michael tells her not to worry about it because he has everything under control. Nelle eavesdrops and hears them talking.