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Perkie's Observations: Maxie Rips Into Valentin on General Hospital

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James Patrick Stuart, Kirsten Storms

James Patrick Stuart, Kirsten Storms

Valentin wants Finn to test him for West Nile because Spoon Island is under quarantine. Finn doesn't believe him. He says the CDC would have alerted the hospital, but he draws Valentin's blood anyway.

Maxie wonders why Nina's all scattered. Nina says Valentin is trying to win her back and it's driving her crazy.

Peter tells Liesl that someone will find him, and Finn and Franco have likely gone to the police already. Liesl says Wyndemere has been quarantined and no one will show up. Yada, yada, yada. Peter says Liesl blames herself for Nathan's death. He says Nathan could have protected himself if he'd known sooner that Faison was his father. Liesl feels the guilt and leaves upset.

Drew tells Curtis about Michael's wedding. He talks about spending some goodbye time with Sam. Curtis says Drew needs to meet someone new, but Drew isn't interested in dating.

Margaux is ticked she's only finding out today that Carly escaped last night. Jordan says Carly was escorted back to Ferncliff. Margaux wonders if Sonny and Jason were involved in the escape, but Sam swears they were both shocked.

Jason's ready to take Jake to the baseball game he promised him for his birthday. There's a third ticket and Jake offers it to Franco, who turns it down. Jake then invites Drew. At the stadium, the game is cancelled for electrical reasons.

Jake asks Jason if it was hard coming back to his life. He reminds Drew of how messed up he was when he first returned. Jake is happy to have his two dads since they're all a big family. Jason and Drew both tell Jake they love him.

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Liz thinks something is up with Franco. He admits that Liesl may have done something illegal and he might be covering for her. Franco explains about the cabin, but he didn't find anyone there. Liz says Franco needs to tell the police.

Jordan gets an update from Sam and Curtis. They think Liesl has motive and could possibly be a suspect. Finn shows up and tells them about Wyatt and the notebook. Franco shows up at the station, but once he sees Finn updating everyone, he takes off.

Maxie runs into Valentin and tears a strip off of him about his behavior towards Nina. Maxie says Nina doesn't forgive him, and he needs to back off and let her heal. Valentin says he's not giving up on Nina.

Margaux and Drew run into each other and play cute.

Nina gets to Wyndemere. She has the same conversation with Peter about letting him go before Liesl kills him, bringing her down too. (I swear the actors don't need a script since they have the same conversation every time they're together.) Nina claims she has a way out.

Jordan tells Sam and Curtis they found the cabin. It was abandoned and they're collecting evidence.

Franco goes to the docks and doesn't believe the quarantine sign. Liesl shows up.

Finn goes back to the hospital. Liz mentions Franco was heading to the police station. Finn says he didn't see Franco there.

Valentin gets himself a drink at the bar. The new bartender is the actor Nina used to put up the quarantine sign. Valentin recognizes him.