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Perkie's Observations: Franco Tries to Help Liesl on General Hospital

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Roger Howarth, Kathleen Gati

Roger Howarth, Kathleen Gati

Valentin questions who the bartender is. Kip says he's an actor and Valentin probably saw him in some production. Valentin remembers the quarantine sign and demands to know who hired Kip. Kip admits it was Nina.

Nina wants to drop Peter off somewhere and tip off the police to come and get him. She believes he's better off behind bars since Liesl has plans to kill him. She says she'll release him in exchange for him telling police that he never saw his captors. Peter doesn't want to spend his life in prison. Nina says Nathan is dead because Peter didn't do the right thing. Now, Peter needs to make it up to everyone.

Sonny updates Jason about Carly. She's on lockdown and because she escaped, she made things worse for herself. Julian shows up to give Sonny the photo he found of Mike and Charlie. Sonny says he didn't know the two were buddies until Mike mentioned it. Sonny claims that's why he wanted to buy the pub, so it would trigger Mike's memories. Julian says it's not for sale.

Chase checks in with Michael about the next step. Michael says he's ready. Michael heads over to the hospital. Kim is letting Nelle know her pains were only indigestion. Michael heads out, telling Nelle he has a meeting with Alexis about his will.

Sam and Curtis stop by the hospital to question Liz about Franco's relationship with Liesl. Curtis says they believe Liesl has Peter. Liz says she knows about the cabin in the woods and Franco was going to tell the police. Liz tries to reach Franco, but he doesn't answer.

Franco tells Liesl he knows she has Peter and the cops are after her. Liesl says she's going to get rid of Peter, but Franco doesn't want her to kill him. Franco says she'll end up in prison and will lose everything. Liesl says she's already lost everything. Franco says she still has him. Franco tells her to leave Port Charles for good and once she's gone, he'll tell the police where to find Peter. Liesl agrees, but when Franco's back is turned, she knocks him out and leaves.

Jason and Sonny worry about how much Julian might know about the body under his bar. Sonny thinks they should just take Julian out. Jason says he'll take care of it if need be. (Yes, let's just plot to kill someone for the terrible crime of owning a bar that's covering a body you disposed of.)

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Sonny summons Michael to find out what his plan is. Michael feels the less Sonny knows the better. Sonny insists, so Michael tells him. The plan is to have Nelle hire Chase to kill Michael, thereby implicating herself. Sonny doesn't like the plan because something could go wrong. Michael says he's not naive and he's going to finish what he started.

Chase stops by to apologize to Nelle for coming on strong before her wedding. Nelle tells him Michael is cutting her out of the will and the baby will get everything. Chase tells her there's nothing to worry about if Michael loves her.

Sam and Curtis asks Valentin where Nina is so they can find Liesl. Sam says Liesl took Peter and is certain Nina knows where they are. Valentin lies and says Nina went to Manhattan to deal with a Crimson crisis.

Julian mentions to Kim about Sonny's offer and the photo. Kim gets upset that Julian might be being drawn back into the mob life by provoking Sonny. Kim very clearly says she has no interest in the man Julian used to be. Julian promises he'll back off Sonny.

Sonny summons Chase to let him know that he's in on the plan now. Chase doesn't want to discuss it. Sonny warns Chase if the plan backfires and Michael is hurt, Chase will be held responsible.

At the hospital, Michael and Jason plan an argument for Nelle's eavesdropping ears. Michael says once the will is finalized, he will file for divorce and sue for full custody.

Valentin gets to the pier and finds Franco knocked out.

Liesl gets back to the stables as Nina is untying Peter. She's determined to kill him.