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Perkie's Observations: Liesl Takes a Drastic Step on General Hospital

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Wes Ramsey, Michelle Stafford

Wes Ramsey, Michelle Stafford

Liesl decides she no longer has a choice and Henrik must die. Nina says it won't bring Nathan back and he'd be ashamed at how his mother and sister have been behaving. Nina says Liesl should either run, or stay and face the music.

Liesl refuses to go to prison because of Henrik. She says she gave up Nathan so he wouldn't be in Faison's orbit, and she lost him anyway. She's angry that Anna's son is still breathing when hers isn't. Nina insists they let him go.

Franco stands up then passes out again, beside Valentin. Valentin spots the broken bottle and picks it up, just as Chase arrives. Chase arrests him for assaulting Franco.

Mike spots the photo of him and Charlie, and has a bad episode. He doesn't recognize Felix or Sonny. Sonny pretends to be a family friend and manages to calm him down. After Mike leaves, Sonny says he's never seen him that bad. Felix says Sonny is dealing with a lot and mentions the facilities. Sonny says he's not ready to put Mike in one yet.

The prize for drugging Mary Pat and escaping is time spent in a straightjacket in a padded cell. This does not sit well with Carly. She declares she has people who will avenge her. She lays it on thick that Sonny will reward those who help her, but will make things difficult for those who don't.

Mary Pat says Kevin's away and the new doctor has prescribed a sedative for her. Carly refuses treatment, but is given no choice. Mary Pat injects Carly with the sedative.

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Sam and Curtis continue their "who has seen Liesl" tour. They ask Maxie about Liesl's whereabouts and mention someone being held at the cabin. Maxie wonders if it means Liesl killed Peter.

Maxie admits she hasn't seen much of Liesl. Curtis asks about Nina, but Maxie doesn't believe she would be involved. Maxie then admits Nina has been AWOL from work a lot and frazzled because of Valentin. Sam mentions the West Nile quarantine on the island.

Curtis gets a call from the station that Franco was attacked. Franco is brought in, but still unconscious.

Chase takes Valentin into custody despite his claims he didn't hit Franco. Chase says they are testing the bottle for fingerprints. Until Franco tells them anything, Valentin is staying put. Valentin says he has to get to Wyndemere, but Chase says the island is closed because of the quarantine.

Maxie asks a nurse about West Nile, but the nurse says there haven't been any reported cases. Maxie heads down to the pier, takes down the sign, and calls the launch to take her to the island.

Franco comes to. Liz asks if he remembers who attacked him. Franco admits it was Liesl.

Sonny heads to Ferncliff to see Carly, but Rupert says he's not allowed. Sonny reminds him that those who help him will be rewarded, but Rupert still can't let him.

Nina says Liesl is no longer grieving and what she's doing now is madness. Liesl says it's time for her to do what's right for her. Liesl lights the cocktail and tosses it in the corner.