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Perkie's Observations: Diane Vows to Help Carly on General Hospital

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Laura Wright, Carolyn Hennesy

Laura Wright, Carolyn Hennesy

Liesl throws the bottle and the stables catch on fire. Liesl runs out, leaving Nina and Peter behind. Nina tries to help Peter, but he claims he's too weak to stand up and walk out.

Curtis updates the PCPD that Liesl attacked Franco, so Chase releases Valentin. Curtis mentions the West Nile virus. Finn says there isn't a case, so the two figure out that Peter is being held at Wyndemere.

Lulu comes across Maxie on the docks and wonders why she's going over to Spoon Island since it's been quarantined. Maxie explains there is no outbreak. She's worried that Nina and Liesl are holding Peter there. Lulu thinks Maxie should let the police handle it. Valentin arrives and offers to take them to the island with him.

Nelle is released from the hospital and Michael brings her home to the mansion. Michael checks in with Chase, who tells him to be careful and not let Nelle figure out their plan.

Drew welcomes Nelle into the family. She says they are similar because of their pasts and asks how he overcame being a killer. Nelle questions how Drew handles the memories of Jason's killer past. Drew says he doesn't see himself that way, so Nelle backs off.

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Diane gets a court order and demands time with Carly. Mary Pat balks at first, but eventually lets Diane in for five minutes. Diane is shocked to see Carly in her current state. Diane asks Carly what drugs she's being given, but Carly's only concern is Michael.

Sonny complains to Jason about Mike and how he's getting worse, but Sonny doesn't want to put him in a facility. Sonny admits he no longer resents Mike and it's the first time he's felt close to him. He wishes he had more time.

Diane shows up and updates them on Carly's condition, which upsets Sonny. He blames Diane for Carly's current state. Diane blames herself as well and promises to do all she can to turn things around. Diane will ask the court to evaluate Carly and possibly move her to Shadybrook.

At Wyndemere, Lulu calls 911 while Maxie wrings her hands. Valentin goes into the burning stables. Maxie wants to go in as well, but Lulu reminds her she has children. Valentin finds an unconscious Nina, but doesn't see Peter lying three feet away.

Finn and Curtis get to the docks at the same time as Liesl. Curtis hangs onto her until Jordan can show up. Jordan arrests Liesl, who's parting words are to tell Anna they are even.

Michael leaves his marital bed and Nelle fumes. She calls Chase and says she needs his help since her marriage is over.

Finn gets to the island and helps Valentin do CPR on Nina. She comes to and asks about Peter.