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Perkie's Observations: Jordan Wants Answers on General Hospital

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Vinessa Antoine

Vinessa Antoine

Finn runs into the barn and drags Peter out. He and Maxie do CPR until the paramedics show up. Nina and Peter are taken to the hospital.

Alexis updates Lucas that their baby mama is due this week and they will be notified as soon as she goes into labor. Lucas feels the pressure and talks again about the possibility of losing the baby after 30 days. Alexis reminds him it's what he agreed to and the contract can't be changed.

Kim helps Julian move into a room at the Metro Court. He mentions the thought of the two of them moving in together, but Kim is not interested at this time. Kim says she's happy with how things are between them and because of Oscar, she doesn't want more from Julian. Kim worries she'll break Julian's heart, but he says he's fine with how they are as well.

Joss and Oscar find themselves home alone, so Joss wants to take their kissing upstairs to the bedroom. Oscar doesn't want to because he doesn't want her to feel pressured into anything, then regret it.

Joss loses it, claiming sex with her would be a chore for Oscar. He in turn says she's acting crazy right now, which pisses Joss off even more. Oscar says she's being impulsive and they aren't ready for sex. Joss storms off upstairs.

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Margaux runs into Drew and gives him a baseball cap in exchange for the shirt she ruined. He tells her about a high school reunion letter he received. Drew mentions not having any memories prior to 2014. When Margaux gets back to her room, she finds an empty envelope with Drew's name under the coffee table. (Reminder, her room was previously occupied by Peter and he left two letters, one for Maxie, one for Drew, before he was taken by Liesl.)

At the hospital, Valentin asks for Alexis' legal help. He tells her Nina came across Liesl and Peter in the stables, but Alexis doesn't believe the story. She says she can't represent Nina because it's a conflict of interest.

Jordan comes in to find out Nina's role in the kidnapping. She says Liesl is in custody and will likely point fingers. Nina asks for her lawyer.

Finn complains to Alexis that other than a couple of texts, he hasn't heard from Anna.

Joss is surprised to find Oscar's still in the living room. He apologizes for offending her, but it's not the right time for them to be together.

Maxie talks to Peter and admits that while she's glad he didn't die, she believes he needs to go to prison for the choices he's made. Maxie says his bad childhood doesn't excuse his behavior and he should do better with his second chance.

Jordan comes in to place Peter under arrest and get his statement. Nina and Maxie are standing there, so Peter says Liesl acted alone. Peter says Nina found him in the stables.