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Perkie's Observations: Jason Wants to Know Chase's Plans on General Hospital

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Josh Swickard, Steve Burton

Josh Swickard, Steve Burton

Margaux and Drew run into each other again. The two discuss Peter and Drew explains about Nathan's death. He's hoping Margaux goes for the maximum penalty on Peter.

Nina is released and pays Peter a visit before leaving the hospital. (Once again, there was no guard at Peter's door, despite the fact he's under arrest and a flight risk.) Nina questions why Peter didn't out her as Liesl's accomplice. Peter says he's alive because of her.

Valentin arrives and thanks Peter for covering for Nina. After she leaves, Peter gets angry with Valentin for his childhood.

Kiki worries about her chances of winning the lawsuit. Alexis reassures her, but also admits that these cases can be difficult to win.

Julian lets Ava know he can help her if Kiki's lawsuit goes sideways. Once Julian leaves, Griffin questions what that means. Then, he and Ava argue about their own issues. Ava tracks down Julian to accept his offer, but he backtracks. Julian decides he can't get involved in anything against David because he's trying to be a better man for Kim.

Jason seeks out Chase to point out the possible things that could go wrong in this inane plan. Chase says the PCPD is behind it as well. Jason says Nelle is unpredictable and dangerous. Jason wants to know everything that's happening at all times.

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Michael wants to discuss possible honeymoon spots, but Nelle wants to know why he left their marital bed during the night. She accuses him of being distant and treating her like an obligation.

Michael says he's worried about Carly. Nelle says Carly is still coming between them, even though she's physically not there. Michael tells Nelle he loves her.

Margaux pays Peter a visit to let him know she's planning on prosecuting him to the fullest. Drew shows up to ask Peter about the flash drive. He doesn't believe there ever was one. Peter says he had the flash drive in an envelope for Drew, but lost it when Obrecht knocked him out. Margaux flashes back to the empty envelope she found in the room.

Margaux heads to the lost and found, claiming she lost her earring. She retrieves the flash drive.

Valentin takes Nina back to the hotel and refuses to accept they are done because they still love each other. Nina agrees she does, but she no longer trusts him. Nina mentions again the last straw was he took baby Peter and gave him to Faison to raise as a vendetta against Anna. Nina can't forgive him for it.

Alexis summons Ava to ask for her help with Kiki's case.

Michael talks to Jason about the plan and his worries for the baby. Jason says they need to contain the threat and keep the baby safe.

Nelle summons Chase and tells him Michael will divorce her and take the baby. She claims Sonny will kill her and she's terrified. Chase wants to alert Jordan, but Nelle says he needs to protect her. Nelle says the only way is if she becomes a widow first.