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Perkie's Observations: Carly's Hallucinations Get Interesting on General Hospital

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Laura Wright

Laura Wright

Jordan worries about Chase's plan, pointing out it's putting Michael in danger. Chase shows her the recording of Nelle ordering the hit, but feels there is still some wiggle room. Chase assures Jordan that Michael will get Nelle to confess.

Kevin's home from Paris and gets summoned to Casa Corinthos. Sonny wants to know how they're going to bring Carly home. Kevin says he almost had the judge convinced, but Carly's escape messed that up. Sonny wants to see Carly, but Kevin says it will be more difficult since Carly's been assigned a new doctor.

Julian's at the hospital when Alexis shows up to let Brad know their baby was born last night. Brad says Lucas is in surgery, so Alexis brings Brad the baby boy. Brad says they are naming him Wiley and offers to let Julian hold the baby.

Drugged out Carly is having hallucinations of Nelle. Franco ends up at Ferncliff to do some art therapy with the patients. He comes across Carly, who begs him to help her get out. Carly says she's being overmedicated and is worried what the new doctor will do to her.

Mary Pat interrupts and warns Franco to stay away from Carly because she's violent and unpredictable. Franco mentions that Carly's meds may need to be adjusted. Mary Pat claims the new doctor has the right system in place.

Chase lets Michael know the car is rigged and ready to go. He asks if Michael is having second thoughts. Michael says he's ready for the plan to move ahead.

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Nelle lets Ava know she won't be returning to the gallery after the baby is born. Ava's surprised at Nelle's cockiness, but Nelle says everything has gone her way so far. Ava's not happy Carly called her out and claimed she was Nelle's accomplice. Nelle points out Ava made herself an accomplice when she kept the blanket.

Chase meets with Nelle. He tells her the car is rigged for the brakes to fail over a certain speed. Nelle says she has set up her alibi. She'll have Michael drop her off and not be in the car when the brakes go out. Chase says she can back out, but Nelle is 100% certain Michael needs to die.

Ava stops by the mansion to plead her case to Michael, swearing she wasn't Nelle's accomplice.

Jason meets with Kevin again. He says Carly's new doctor uses controversial methods, including electroshock treatment.

Sonny heads to the station for Jordan's help. She says Carly is legally out of her reach and what they need now is Nelle's confession. Chase shows up and tells them everything is in place.

Mary Pat walks Carly back to her room, but not before Carly, in her drugged up stupor, spots another patient who looks like Kevin.

Nelle's packing her hospital bag and realizes she's missing something. She asks Michael to drop her off at the hospital for a lactation seminar and to pick up the item she needs.