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Perkie's Observations: Nelle Approaches Chase About Michael on General Hospital

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Chloe Lanier

Chloe Lanier

Nelle says the will cuts her out and Michael needs to die before the will goes into effect. Chase questions her and Nelle says Michael needs to have an accident where he's permanently out of the picture. She claims she wants to be with Chase.

Kiki shows up at Alexis' having changed her mind about going through with the lawsuit. Alexis, having anticipated this, has invited women who have been harassed in their past to join her. Kiki is surprised to hear Jordan, Kim, Olivia, Ava, and Alexis' stories.

Cam finds Oscar trying to text Joss, but receives no answer. Oscar admits Joss has been behaving strangely lately. Cam reminds Oscar that Joss has been dealing with a lot of family issues and likely wants to escape. Cam helps Oscar send Joss a text that will pique her interest.

Sonny finds Joss sulking. She understands Carly will have to stay in Ferncliff longer, but wonders if Sonny can pull some strings. Sonny says they all want to handle this the proper way first, but if it's not taken care of soon, he will do something.

Michael and Jason continue their conversation about being careful because Nelle is dangerous. Sam shows up and offers her two cents that Michael needs to be careful since it would kill Jason if something happened to him.

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After Michael leaves, Sam talks to Jason about Danny and her fears when he was sick. She mentions she turned to Patrick, which is news to Jason. Jason is shocked to hear they were engaged. Sam says it only lasted until she thought Jason had returned, except it was Drew. Danny gets dropped off and the two spend some quality time with their son.

Joss asks Michael about the kiss between Chase and Nelle. Michael tells her not to worry about it. He says it will all be taken care of.

Chase tells Nelle he loves her, but wants her to clarify exactly what she wants. Nelle says she wants Chase to find a way for Michael to die before the baby comes. Chase promises to get things set up.

Joss runs into Nelle and tells her about the problems with Oscar. Nelle urges her to talk to Oscar and clear the air. Joss gets the new text from Oscar and agrees to meet with him.

Chase heads over to Casa Corinthos. He shows Michael and Sonny a recording of Nelle asking him to help him kill Michael. Sonny thinks this is the end because they'll show it to Jordan and have Nelle arrested.

Chase says the charges won't stick and they need more. Michael says they have one chance to make this right.