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Perkie's Observations: Robert Gives Liesl a Send Off on General Hospital

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Tristan Rogers, Kathleen Gati

Tristan Rogers, Kathleen Gati

Maxie stops by the precinct to see Nina, who's being questioned for her possible role in Peter's abduction. Maxie thanks Nina for saving Peter's life, but doesn't understand how she could have let Liesl rope her into it. Maxie says Nathan would not have wanted any of this and that they need to focus on living.

Robert shows up at the station. He sees that Liesl is handcuffed and ready to be transported to Pentonville to await trial. He's happy she'll be spending the rest of her life in prison.

Peter thanks Finn for getting him out of the fire, but assumes it was just because he's Anna's son. Peter is still bitter about Anna's abandonment. Finn says she did the best she could and thought he was going to a decent home.

Robert shows up take Peter into custody. He says Peter's crimes are the bureau's jurisdiction and he'll stand trial in The Hague. Finn refuses to release Peter, claiming he's still recovering. Robert figures Finn's waiting for Anna. Finn mentions that Anna is at Berkeley with Robin and refuses to sign the release.

Liesl tells Maxie she's being sent to Pentonville. She claims she kidnapped Peter for Maxie and baby James. Maxie says Liesl did this for herself, for revenge, and it was for nothing. Maxie says all this did was take Liesl, and possibly Nina, away from James.

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Jordan questions Nina, saying the quarantine fiasco doesn't look good for her. Nina says Jordan has nothing on her and she's not talking. Jordan is forced to release her. Jordan asks Liesl if she had an accomplice, but she lies and says she acted alone.

Finn gets a text from "Anna" asking him to come to Berkeley right away. Robert calls Robin to talk to Anna and finds out she isn't there.

Michael decides he's not going to drop Nelle off at the hospital, but rather pick up what they need then double back. This upsets Nelle since she hadn't planned on being in the car when it crashed.

Nelle says she wants out then yells at Michael to stop the car or they'll crash. Michael plays along, saying he's a good driver. Nelle yells at him that the car is rigged to crash, claiming it was Chase's plan to kill Michael.

Michael pushes her buttons until Nelle admits she asked Chase to set it up so Michael would die. Nelle says he left her no choice, by having her sign the prenup and then leave her out of the will.

Michael pushes some more and Nelle admits she killed Zach because he was weak and she would receive nothing. Michael asks if Carly pushed Nelle down the stairs, but she refuses to say anymore. She grabs the wheel and the car crashes.

Jason and his gun storm into the electroshock room to save Carly.