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Perkie's Observations: Michael Is Trapped In the Car on General Hospital

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Chad Duell

Chad Duell

Nelle is not happy to see that Michael survived the car crash. Michael says Chase was in on the plan and they have her confession on tape. Michael says they could have been happy co-parenting, but Nelle wanted more. Nelle gets out of the car to leave and Michael finds he's unable to unbuckle his seatbelt. Gas leaks from the car.

Their car crashed into the prison van coming from the PCPD. The guards are knocked out. Liesl breaks out of her cuffs, grabs a gun, and bolts.

Sonny takes off to find the accident. Chase shows Jordan Nelle's confession of trying to kill Michael and killing Zach. The two head to the car crash.

Kim expresses concern to Liz that Nelle hasn't shown up for her lactation appointment. Liz has her own concerns regarding Franco and where he disappeared to. Julian shows up, showing them a photo of baby Wiley.

Julian talks to Kim about how his actions have estranged him from his kids and grandkids. He swears he's trying to change and Kim reassures him that his kids will see that.

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Franco's in the van getting impatient when Jason brings Carly out. They drive away. Jason drops Franco off at the hospital, then takes Carly to a safe house.

Liz wants to know the truth about Franco's whereabouts and he tells her. While Liz isn't happy with his illegal activities, she's fine with this one since Franco was helping Jason release Carly.

Nelle wanders through the forest and goes into labor just as Liesl wanders by. Nelle begs Liesl to help her, and while Liesl believes Nelle to be a sociopath, she helps.

Jordan and Chase find the prison van and the injured guards. Jordan puts out an APB on Liesl.

Sonny gets to the accident and manages to cut Michael out of the belt. Unfortunately, Michael can't get out of the car, because his leg is pinned.

At the safe house, Carly's thankful Jason came to her rescue. She says Ferncliff was awful and the second worst thing she's been through.

Brad's home with the baby. Later, when he brings the baby a bottle, he notices something's wrong.