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Perkie's Observations: Brad Makes the Ultimate Trade on General Hospital

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Parry Shen

Parry Shen

Sonny manages to drag Michael out of the car just before it explodes. They run into Chase, who explains that Liesl caused the prison van to crash into them. Chase gets the call that someone broke Carly out of Ferncliff. Everyone wonders what happened to Nelle.

Brad tries to do CPR on Wiley, then decides to head to the hospital. He stops on the way, just as Nelle comes out of the woods with a newborn baby boy in her arms. Nelle lies and says Michael forced her to confess and she delivered the baby by herself.

Nelle wonders what Brad has in his backseat. He explains about the baby. Brad offers Nelle a ride to the hospital to get checked out. Nelle says she can't go to the hospital because the Corinthi will take her son from her.

Nelle says Brad should take her baby because she'd rather he raise the boy instead of letting Sonny get a hold of him. She says Lucas never needs to grieve.

Lucas finally gets out of surgery. Julian tells him to listen to his messages. He receives the one from Brad. They now have a new son. He heads home.

Robert updates Finn that Anna disappeared a month ago. He says she never got on the flight to Berkeley and hasn't been seen since. Finn shows him the texts he received from "Anna" during the month. Finn wants to know how to get Anna back. Robert says whoever has her now wants Finn, since the last text asked him to come. Robert and Finn are going after Anna.

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Margaux has the flash drive and reads the notes Andre made about Jason and Drew. Later, she runs into Drew. She tells him she did research and found his story about the lost memories is true. Later back in her room, Margaux wonders how much of Jason's memories Drew remembers.

Jason tells Carly about Michael's plan to prove Nelle is a murderer. He explains about Chase knowing Nelle and rigging the car with audio. Carly acknowledges it's a brilliant plan, but she's still worried for Michael.

Carly worries Jason will face charges for getting her out. Jason says they're going to go to Canada to wait for Diane to get them off the charges. Carly mentions Franco. Jason says he's now an accomplice and he won't talk.

Sonny shows up at the safe house. He lets them know Michael is fine, but Nelle took off after accident.

Lucas comes home to an empty house. Brad shows up moments later and hands Lucas his brand new baby boy.

Chase finds Nelle wandering the road with a baby. She's taken to the hospital. Michael has also been taken to the hospital, and he finds Nelle and the baby. Michael is happy and takes the baby, only to realize he's not breathing.

Nelle tells Michael that their baby didn't make it.