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Perkie's Observations: Nelle Blames Michael on General Hospital

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Chad Duell, Chloe Lanier, Rebecca Herbst

Chad Duell, Chloe Lanier, Rebecca Herbst

Nelle tells Michael she gave birth alone, then realized the baby wasn't breathing. She believes the crash is what killed the baby. Michael can't comprehend she's blaming him and claims the baby is dead because of her. Liz is forced to break up the argument. Michael wants time alone with the baby.

Carly and Sonny have a mini reunion. Jason heads out to pick up Josslyn and bring her to Carly. Carly explains everything to Josslyn, who can't understand why she believed Nelle's lies against her mother. Carly says Nelle manipulated them and lied to everyone. She says it's not her fault.

Liz lets Sam know about Lucas' baby. Sam heads over to see her nephew. Lucas can't believe they have a son, but still worries about the birth mother changing her mind. When Sam shows up, Brad heads out. This makes Sam question their marriage. Lucas mentions they had a rough patch last year, but things have improved.

Lulu runs into Chase getting drunk at The Rib. Ava overhears him mention the car accident and Nelle's baby not surviving. Ava heads to the hospital. Meanwhile, Chase blames himself. He explains everything to Lulu. Lulu's shocked to hear Nelle planned on killing Michael. She says Chase can't blame himself because Nelle needed to be stopped.

Brad heads to the hospital to see Nelle. He mentions seeing a grieving Michael with the baby and says he's not sure he can do this. Nelle declares Michael won't win and if Brad says anything, he'll be arrested. She tells him Lucas will lose both him and the baby.

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Kiki finds it strange that Ava ran out to see Nelle. Griffin is certain the two are close because they work together. He thinks they are projecting their guilt onto Ava. Kiki mentions twice that Ava can't find out they slept together. (Memo to Kiki, if you don't want Mom to find out stuff, stop saying it out loud.) Kiki says if Ava ever finds out, she'll take them both down.

Ava stops by to see Nelle and offer condolences on the baby. Nelle figures the only reason Ava is there is to make sure she doesn't tell the police about the baby blanket. Ava insists again she's not Nelle's accomplice, despite Nelle's claims that she is. Nelle says she won't say anything since it also means admitting that Carly didn't push her. She has no intention of doing that.

Sonny gets to the hospital to check on Michael. Liz tells him about the baby. Sonny finds Michael and the baby in the chapel. Michael blames himself for the death, though Sonny counters it wasn't meant to be.

Jason has Sam bring him some papers. He lets her know he's going to Canada with Carly until Diane can figure something out. He mentions Carly didn't consent to her treatment. Sam agrees to look into it.

Nelle talks to herself, saying Michael and his family will never find the baby despite him being right under their noses.

Liz comes to take the baby away from Michael.