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Perkie's Observations: Ava Tries To Ditch the Blanket on General Hospital

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Maura West

Maura West

Kim checks out Nelle. Says she's recovered from the delivery and can be released. Nelle asks if there's anything that can keep her since she'll be sent to prison once she's released. Kim repeats there is nothing keeping her in the hospital.

Sonny promises Michael he can lean on him. Michael decides he needs more answers. Michael heads over to Nelle's room, where Kim has the autopsy report. Kim says the death is unexplained. Nelle counters it was the crash that killed the baby.

Kim says the report shows no damage to the baby from the crash, so that can't be the cause. She says the baby was healthy at the last check up and sometimes, these types of deaths happen. Kim says there is a spot on the death certificate for a name, if they have one.

Jason promises Carly she's never going back to Ferncliff. Joss wonders if she can go to Canada with Carly, but Carly says Jax wouldn't approve. Carly brings up the baby blanket. Joss figures someone took it.

Joss is still upset she believed Nelle's lies and was disloyal to her mother. Jason says Joss felt she owed Nelle for the kidney, but Nelle had an agenda. Jason tells Joss not to let this ruin her life.

Sam and Curtis show up at Ferncliff. They're undercover so they can get information from Carly's file. Sam informs Mary Pat that Ferncliff is in the running for an award because they adhere to the highest standard of care. Mary Pat tells them Carly was violent and she was taken at gunpoint. Sam is allowed to check Carly's file and manages to take the ECT consent form.

Ava's on the docks getting ready to set fire to the blanket when Griffin shows up. Ava tells Griffin she offered Nelle a job knowing it would mess with CarSon. She wonders if something she said egged Nelle on.

Griffin asks if Ava helped Nelle gaslight Carly, but Ava denies any knowledge. Ava says Nelle reminded her of herself and thought they were friends. Griffin says they all make mistakes, but that what you do after is what matters.

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Chase wakes up on Lulu's couch. He still blames himself for the baby's death. Chase says they have Nelle's full confession on tape and she'll be sent to prison. Lulu wonders if someone was helping Nelle.

Michael reminds Nelle they picked the name Jonah for the baby and wants to still use it. He declares the two of them over. Nelle says she won't let him steam roll her and will contest a divorce.

Michael says they were never legally married because Ned signed the papers with the invisible ink pen she used to gaslight Carly. Nelle cries and says they could heal together. Michael calls her a sociopath. He says he doesn't love her and she'll get nothing from him.

Sonny gets back to the safe house. He lets them know the baby died and Michael is brokenhearted. Carly says Michael can't be alone, so Joss offers to go and stay with him.

Jason tells Carly he's working on something to help her case. Sonny believes Margaux will want to distance herself from this now that Nelle has confessed.

Michael shows up at the safe house and Carly comforts him.

Sam gives Jason the consent form showing Carly's signature. Jason believes it's a fake or was signed when Carly was drugged.

Chase gets to the hospital to take Nelle to the PCPD, but she's gone from the room.

Joss runs into Nelle escaping on the docks.