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Perkie's Observations: Nelle Is Arrested on General Hospital

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Chloe Lanier, Vinessa Antoine

Chloe Lanier, Vinessa Antoine

Joss spots Nelle leaving the hospital and follows her down to the docks. Nelle tries to snow her by saying she was released, but Joss isn't buying it. Joss accuses Nelle of trying to kill Michael and gaslighting Carly.

The two argue back and forth, then Joss decides she's calling the police. Nelle takes the phone from her and throws it away. Joss declares that Nelle messed with the wrong family. The two have the weirdest knock down, drag out fight.

Jordan summons Michael to the station to ask him if he knows Carly and Jason's whereabouts. Michael's not talking. Chase lets them know Nelle has escaped. Michael thinks Nelle might have reached out to her only friend, Brad.

Jordan calls Brad to come to the station to answer questions. He worries what it's about. Jordan gets a call that Nelle's been spotted on the docks and heads out.

Robert and Finn get ready to go after Anna. Robert tells Finn he'll let the bad guys grab him, so they'll lead them to her. Robert injects Finn with a tracking microchip and Finn is grabbed.

Lulu pays Peter a visit to complain about leading her on with her career aspirations. She says she was naive to believe anything he said. Peter continues to claim she's a good journalist. Lulu mentions that Liesl escaped.

Nina tells Maxie about Liesl's escape and Melle's baby's death. She says she needs Maxie to come back to work since Crimson is falling apart without her.

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Curtis tells Stella he got a text from his ex. Stella admits that was her doing, but she changed her mind and called the woman back.

Michael and Chase discuss the evil that is Nelle. Chase says he thought he would be wrong about her, but he wasn't. Michael says she exploited him and needs to face the consequences. Chase says he was convinced they were doing the right thing, but wonders if there was another way that wouldn't have endangered the baby.

Lulu meets with Maxie and Nina to give them the conclusion to her story on Faison. She wants their approval before she sends it to her editor. Maxie appreciates that Lulu's story doesn't make Peter seem like a monster. The two agree that Lulu can print the end of the story.

Lucas wonders why Brad is acting squirrelly about being called to the station to discuss Nelle. Brad admits he's worried about losing the baby. Lucas says they can either sit on pins and needles for the month, or enjoy the baby and not worry.

Robert's ready to take Peter to Steinmauer. Peter wonders why the WSB wants him since all he did was save Jason's life. Robert's not buying it until Peter says he has information about Patients 1-5.

Finn is grabbed and taken somewhere. He wants to know why. The goon tells him he's needed to take care of a special patient.

Jordan breaks up the fight and brings both girls to the station. Joss offers Michael her condolences. He says he'll make sure Nelle rots in prison and tells Joss to get herself checked out at the hospital.

Nelle claims Chase stalked and entrapped her. Chase said this time he did everything by the book. Jordan reads Nelle her rights, but Nelle says her baby died because of Jordan and Chase.

Brad shows up at the station with the baby and runs into Michael.