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Perkie's Observations: Carly Stops By the PCPD on General Hospital

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Laura Wright

Laura Wright

Michael and Brucas run into each other at the station with the baby. Michael asks to hold him. Lucas offers his condolences. Brad looks like he either wants to pee his pants or puke.

Nelle claims Jordan and Chase have her baby's blood on their hands. She won't get any justice since Michael's families run the town. Jordan says she has everything she needs to put Nelle away. Nelle believes Jordan still wants something from her.

Jason asks Sam a favor. He wants her to keep an eye on Michael while he's in Canada with Carly. Sam agrees to it since she knows what it's like to lose a baby. She'll do what she can. Sam says she understands Carly and Jason's relationship now, and what they would do for each other. But, she points out Carly isn't the only one who needs him, and to do what he can to stay in Port Charles.

Monica runs into Drew and tells him someone made an anonymous donation to the hospital in Jonah's name. She believes it's him. At first Drew denies it, but she pushes and he admits it. Monica thanks him. She says it will mean a lot to Michael and it will help other newborns.

Ava, inspired to be a better person, asks Julian's help in returning the baby blanket to the Quartermaine nursery. Julian doesn't want to be involved in any criminal activity. Ava begs and says he can go to the mansion on the pretext of seeing Leo. Julian finally agrees. He goes over to the mansion and puts the blanket in a dresser drawer in the nursery.

Sonny heads back to the safe house. He lets Carly know what happened with Joss and how Michael is holding up. Carly's upset she's not there for her kids and thinks she shouldn't leave the country. Sonny says they still need time to clear Carly.

Jordan questions what Nelle has to gain by not admitting the truth about Carly. Nelle wants to know what's in it for her. Nelle claims entrapment because she was conned into saying what she did to survive.

Jordan counters the only way Nelle knew the car was rigged is because it was her idea. Jordan plays the tape of her telling Chase that Michael must die. Jordan says it's conspiracy to commit murder. She's not letting Nelle go until she admits what she did to Carly. Nelle asks for a lawyer.

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Drew runs into Margaux. He apologizes to her for the other night when Curtis was pushing hard for the two of them to be a thing. He says he's recently divorced and not looking. Margaux says she's not interested either.

Jason stops by the safe house to say there may be a way to get through this without running to Canada. He shows Carly the consent form. She says it's not her signature. Sonny still believes Canada is safer and better for everyone. Carly just wants her life back.

Back at the mansion, Monica finds Michael hanging out in the nursery. She promises he'll get through this, even though it will feel like forever. The two share a hug.

Brucas runs into Ava and Julian, who coo all over the baby. Julian takes multiple pictures of the threesome. Ava finds out from Brad that Nelle is back in custody.

Sonny shows up at the station to ask Jordan what would happen if Carly turned herself in voluntarily. Jordan wants to talk to Carly, but Sonny complains that Nelle is the real criminal. Sonny tells Jordan that Ferncliff forged the consent form.

Jason asks to meet with Margaux.

Sam stops by the mansion to see Michael. He says he wants to pack up the nursery and give everything to a homeless shelter where someone can use it. Michael says his marriage was a lie, but the baby was real. Sam says the baby will always be a part of his heart.

Michael opens the bottom dresser drawer and finds the baby blanket.

Nelle looks worried when Carly drops by the station to see her.