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Perkie's Observations: Margaux Makes a Promise to Sonny on General Hospital

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Maurice Benard, Elizabeth Hendrickson

Maurice Benard, Elizabeth Hendrickson

Nelle is shocked to see Carly out of Ferncliff. Carly declares herself the winner. She says her conviction won't stand and Nelle is the one who will pay. Nelle counters that her confession was coerced and no one can prove Carly didn't push her down the stairs.

Jason shows Margaux the forged consent form, but she doesn't believe that excuses him from breaking Carly out of Ferncliff. Jason blames Margaux for letting this happen and she needs to do what's right for Carly. Jason agrees to turn himself in, as long as Margaux helps Carly.

Sam and Michael don't understand how the blanket got into the nursery since the place was completely checked by police. They decide whoever was working with Nelle decided to double cross her. Sam says Michael needs to take it to the police since Nelle's DNA will be all over it.

Alexis reminds Kiki the trial starts tomorrow and wants to make sure there isn't anything she needs to know. Kiki swears there's nothing. She reiterates Griffin was only comforting her in the photo.

Scott wants David to settle the case. David says Kiki has no proof and he won't admit any guilt.

Chase apologizes to Sonny, blaming himself for the baby's death. Sonny says it wasn't Chase's fault because they can't plan for everything. Sonny says Chase will have to live with the death on his conscience.

Nelle claims she and Carly are exactly the same with the same past. Carly admits to the damage she's done, but she's grown into a better person who is loved. Carly brings up Joss and how Nelle crossed the line. Carly lays it on thick that Nelle messed with the wrong family.

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Ava tells Griffin she's worried about Kiki because she'll be publicly humiliated in court. Griffin says Kiki is strong. Ava agrees and says she's proud of her daughter. Griffin talks about the two of them and tells Ava that he loves her. Ava's thrilled.

Griffin heads to the hospital and tells Kiki he's going to come clean to Ava. He plans to say he slept with someone, but not her. Kiki warns him he'll lose Ava and she'll make him an enemy.

Ava runs into Scott, who worries about Kiki's chances. He says he'll protect Kiki as much as he can, but warns Ava that things might be said on the stand.

Sam gives Alexis updates about the baby's death and Carly's release. The two discuss Kristina and how she still feels Alexis is controlling her life. (Gee, can't wait for Kris to come back so we can listen to more of that.)

Margaux and Jason get to the PCPD and find Carly there. Margaux says she'll talk to the judge, but Carly will have to be remanded to Shadybrook. Sonny gets a text from Diane that she's getting Carly's sentence vacated. Sonny accuses Margaux of aiding and abetting Nelle. (Sonny's a moron.)

Michael shows up with the blanket, much to Carly's happiness. He explains where he found it. Margaux says they tore up the nursery, so it must have been placed there recently. Margaux believes it's too convenient, but Chase tells her she got played by Nelle like everyone else. Chase tells Margaux to clean up the mess and move on. Margaux agrees to vacate the sentence.

Nelle is brought out and spots the blanket. She loses it, yelling at everyone. Margaux says the blanket is proof that everything Nelle said wasn't true. She'll be charged with perjury on top of everything else.

Jordan shows up, so Margaux fills her in. Jordan says Jason and Carly still need to be arrested for breaking out of Ferncliff.

Sonny gets up in Margaux's face, claiming she went after Carly because of the Corinthos name. Margaux says she'll focus on him now, and make sure she has an airtight case when she comes after him.