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Perkie's Observations: Liz Has Her Hands Full at the PCPD on General Hospital

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Rebecca Herbst, Roger Howarth

Rebecca Herbst, Roger Howarth

At the courthouse, Franco realizes he sent the text to Ava instead of Alexis. He sends another just kidding text, but Ava starts to believe it. Franco continues to text both Scott and Alexis, and eventually gets himself kicked out.

Alexis questions the photo. Griffin testifies he was only consoling Kiki because they are friends only. Franco sets off the fire alarm, causing the court to go into recess.

Carly's reading the facility brochures and tells Sonny they need to discuss it with Mike. Sonny says he's not ready yet, and he knows best.

Cam and Joss hang out after a day of camp counseling. It turns out Cam shoplifted a pair of earbuds from the store they were in. Joss calls him on it, but he throws it back at her. Joss admits she shoplifted because her life was upside down, but she knows better now.

Margaux and Drew have lunch together, which is then interrupted by Oscar. He complains to Drew about Joss pulling away. Drew says Joss has had to deal with a lot and Oscar should let her come to him when she's ready.

Jason is still in custody. Chase tells him Peter has been released, and wonders if Jason wants justice. Jason says he just wants to get on with his life. Chase says breaking Carly out of Ferncliff at gunpoint is a major felony that he'll have to pay for.

Chase then basically apologizes for the baby's death because it was his responsibility. Jason says he stepped up for Carly and Michael, and that's all that matters.

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Kevin stops by to apologize to Carly, saying he underestimated Mary Pat. He wants Carly to come back to therapy because she will benefit from it. Carly however, has no desire to receive any more counseling. She says now that she's clear from the drugs, she's fine. Carly mentions she thought she saw Kevin during one of her hallucinations.

Sonny tries to broach the subject of the facilities to Mike. He thinks Sonny's trying to get rid of him and kick him out of his home. Sonny backs off.

Margaux wants to interrogate Jason regarding his criminal activities since working with Sonny. Jason of course, has nothing to say. Margaux brings up Ferncliff and how he went in with guns blazing. He managed to evade all the cameras, and the staff at Ferncliff are bad evil people, so Jason gets off scot free. Margaux however, warns Jason he will get caught some day. Jason finds Drew and warns him that Margaux has an agenda.

Oscar runs into Joss and Cam at Kelly's. Then, Chase shows up. Apparently, Cam's shoplifting was caught on video. He is promptly arrested and taken to the station.

Franco is taken to the station and fined for pulling the fire alarm. Liz is not amused. Franco tells her about the GrifKi one night stand and how Scott's trying to tank the case. Liz points out that if he’s caught, Franco could be charged for obstructing justice. Liz is shocked when Cam is brought in.

Kevin heads back to Ferncliff where we see the patient in the rubber room. Kevin calls him brother. Which one is really Ryan?

Back at the courthouse, Ava confronts Griffin. She asks if he'll ever tell her what's been weighing on his mind. Griffin promises they'll discuss it after the trial. To Kiki, Ava wonders if there's anything she wants to discuss, but Kiki says no.

Griffin's back on the stand and again swears he and Kiki are just friends. Scott doesn't want to cross, despite David's pushing. Ava however, lets Scott know that she knows and forces his hand.

Scott asks Griffin what kind of friends he and Kiki were. He asks if they had sex.