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Perkie’s Observations: Ava Slaps the Kiki Right Out of Griffin’s Mouth on General Hospital

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Maura West, Matt Cohen

Maura West, Matt Cohen

At the courthouse, Scott insists on an answer, so Griffin testifies that yes, he and Kiki had sex. Alexis cross examines that Griffin was not Kiki's supervisor nor did they work together in the shadow program.

Alexis asks if the sex was consensual. Griffin swears it was one time and it was mutual, but it was also a mistake. Alexis makes the point that Griffin didn't use his status to manipulate Kiki. Ava storms out of the courthouse.

Robert asks for Jason's help in tracking down Finn's last whereabouts. The two find where he was held. Robert finds the tracker. Jason wonders if Finn was the target and Anna was the bait. Robert's not sure Anna was even there until they find a pill on the floor. It turns out to be the medication that Anna takes. Robert starts thinking Jason's theory is correct.

Liz goes off on Cameron, saying he was raised better than that, and wonders what he was thinking. Cameron complains about his old earbuds and how he can't get what he wants because they're poor. Franco comes to Liz's defense, but Cameron says Franco's not his father.

Cameron makes a comment about others doing it too, so Liz asks if he had a partner. Cameron denies it. Liz declares Cameron grounded until she says otherwise. He claims she's ruining his life.

Oscar can't believe Cameron shoplifted and says he's a bad influence. Joss gets snotty and says she also shoplifted, which had nothing to do with being from a wealthy family. Joss blames her family drama. She adds that Cam, who has his own family drama, can relate.

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The goons drop Finn and Anna in a lab setting, and the two try to figure out why they were taken. Anna wonders who the patient could be. Anna doesn't like that Finn is in this mess. She says she signed up for this work, but he didn't. Finn claims he knows what he signed up for.

Back at the courthouse, Griffin tries to speak to Ava, who smacks him twice before storming off. Scott apologizes to Alexis. Alexis promises Kiki that this testimony has no bearing on the case.

David's on the stand and testifies that Kiki wanted his advances. He claims she had feelings for him. When Alexis asks if Kiki verbally said she was interested, he's forced to say no. Alexis brings up the photo. She claims David wanted it as insurance in case Kiki spoke up.

Griffin follows Ava to explain. He says he thought they were broken up. Ava says she knew something was going on between them. Griffin swears there was no attraction and it was just one night.

Ava figures this is why he said he loves her, because he knew the truth would come out. Ava believes Griffin has a fetish for women in distress, which is why he was attracted to her, then Kiki.

Ava says Griffin is a hypocrite and his words mean nothing to her. She kicks him out and says he'll be sorry.

Robert gets a call that someone in custody was taken.

The goons tell Finn and Anna they need to get someone out of her coma. They hand them the file. It turns out to be Cassandra.