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Perkie's Observations: Kiki's Verdict Is In on General Hospital

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Emme Rylan, Hayley Erin, Nancy Lee Grahn

Emme Rylan, Hayley Erin, Nancy Lee Grahn

At the courthouse, Alexis has her closing arguments. She points out that Kiki's consenting sexual exploits don't matter in this case. She says David abused his power and there's a pattern of behavior. She wants the jury to hold him accountable.

Scott's closing argument points out there was no proof of abuse because it was all he said, she said. Scott asks the jury to decide if Alexis met her burden of proof. David's not happy with Scott's closing. Scott says he believes David is guilty.

Robert seeks out Valentin to find Anna's whereabouts. He says Anna and Finn are both missing, but Valentin claims he's not involved. Robert mentions Cassandra and how she was taken from WSB custody. This concerns Valentin, who explains his history with Cassandra. Robert figures Finn is needed to treat her.

The goons tell Finn he's needed to revive Cassandra because their employer wants her awake. Anna asks what the boss wants with Cassandra, but no response is given. The goon promises to release them unharmed if they do as they're told.

Carly finds Michael at the mansion and tells him they need to make funeral plans. Michael says diving back into work is helping since he doesn't know how else to move on. Monica shows up and offers to find Jonah a spot in the Quartermaine mausoleum. This way he can be laid to rest with family.

Michael says he'd rather have Jonah buried beside Morgan. Monica stops Carly before she leaves and apologizes to her. She says she saw Nelle going after Carly, but didn't realize how big a threat she was.

Michael says it's all his fault. Carly counters the only one to blame is Nelle. She accepts Monica's apology. After Monica leaves, Carly questions how well Michael is handling everything. He promises he's doing things his own way.

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Franco shows up at Ava's to check up on her. She's angry about how he told her truth. Franco says he accidentally sent her the text. Ava tells him the truth came out on the stand. Franco is angry with Ava for trying to blow up Kiki's case, and letting Bensch win.

Ava says she was lied to and humiliated. Franco says she's done way worse, including letting him believe for years he was Kiki's father. Ava says she gave up so much for Griffin and he destroyed her. Franco counters saying she handed Bensch the case. Ava says Griffin will pay. She looks at the test results on her phone.

Liz is surprised to see Griffin at work and not at the courthouse. She admits she knows about him and Kiki. Griffin tells her it came out on the stand. Griffin thinks this could have worked out if he had lied on the stand.

Anna and Finn try to figure out who's behind this thing with Cassandra. Anna doesn't believe it's Valentin. Anna says Finn can't treat her, but he says he's obligated to help. Finn says he can't put his ethics on hold.

The goons return for Finn's answer. He agrees to treat Cassandra. The goon warns if Finn tries anything, Anna will pay.

Griffin's surprised when Ava shows up at the hospital, but she's not there to see him. She tells him he'll be as humiliated as she was, and asks to speak with Monica.

The jury reaches their verdict and find in Kiki's favor. The award her $250,000. David says he'll appeal the verdict with a new lawyer, but Alexis isn't concerned. Alexis tells Kiki the hospital has to decide David's fate. She says she's proud of Kiki for giving women a voice.

Lulu calls Liz to let her know the verdict.

Kiki says she's donating the money for sexual harassment training.